Shinsuke Nakamura Vs. AJ Styles Promo, Former WCW Star Launches Benefit Promotion, Balor Club Photo

- Above is a promo for Shinsuke Nakamura vs. WWE Champion AJ Styles at WrestleMania 34.

- WWE tweeted this photo of Finn Balor, Karl Anderson and Luke Gallows posing in their new "OGBC Forever" t-shirts for The Balor Club. Remember to visit WWE Shop via this link to save on your purchases.

- Former WCW star Crowbar (Chris Ford) has launched a new pro wrestling promotion that will run benefit shows in New Jersey, Rescue Mania. PWInsider notes that the idea is to present family-friendly shows that use the style of a pro wrestling product the 1980s and 1990s as Crowbar has talked long talked about there being a gap in today's wrestling because that style of presentation & events is being done a lot less these days.

Below is the official announcement on the new promotion and their first event to take place this Saturday at the Felician University Gymnasium in Rutherford, NJ. The event will benefit the Rutherford Fire Department's Engine 2 & Rescue 5, and the Bergen County Veterans group. WWE Hall of Famer Tito Santano and ECW Original Little Guido (Nunzio) will be working with the promotion.

"Rescue Mania" to Benefit Rutherford Fire Department's Engine 2 & Rescue 5 and Bergen County Veterans

Rutherford, N.J. The Rutherford Fire Department's Engine 2 and Rescue 5, the Bergen county veterans and Felician University invite the public to attend "Rescue Mania" a professional wrestling event for the entire family. Presented at the Felician University Gymnasium which is located at 1 Felician Way in Rutherford, N.J. on Saturday, March 24th from 7 p.m. to 10 p.m., with a pre-show in the cafeteria under the gymnasium starting at 5:30 p.m where fans will be able to meet the wrestlers, get autographs and purchase food.

Looking for Extreme Violence, strong style, no nonsense wrestling? - this probably isn't the show for you!

Looking for something different?

If you have a love for early 90's style wrestling, solid in ring work, colorful and interesting characters, wrestlers who look like wrestlers and all the fun and crazy stuff that made you fall in love with professional wrestling as a child combined with top-notch event production Rescue Mania is definitely the event for you!

VIP Tickets (Rows 1 & 2 ) have SOLD OUT. General admission tickets are $20 door and can be purchased in advance by calling Rutherford Fire department members: Craig 201.519.2361, Phil 201.655.1649 or Dennis 201.376.6594.

AS OF 3/20/18 UNDER 100 TICKETS REMAIN** - This Event will Sell out!

Rescue Mania is easily accessible, with Felician University being located only blocks away from train and bus drop offs.

Rutherford's own, former WcW and WWE star, "Crowbar" will take on the 6'4" 365 pound Adam Payne. This will be a unique Mentor vs. Protege matchup as these two have a very interesting history. Payne, a US Army Veteran met Crowbar (Rutherford's Chris Ford) when Payne was a patient at Ford's physical therapy facility. Ford encouraged Payne to join a local wrestling school and since then, Payne has been dominating the East Coast wrestling scene.

March 24th, the Mentor will face the Protege for the vacant Heavyweight Title!

Payne has stated that although he and Crowbar are close friends, he wants to face the "Crowbar" that became famous for his aggressive, high flying style and his do anything to win attitude - even if it means bending and breaking the rules. "When I beat him 1-2-3, and become the champ, I want everyone to know and I want to know for myself that I beat him at his best. No excuses. Bring me your best Crowbar, leave our friendship in the locker room because I'm bringing mine! When alls said and done we'll grab a drink and you can congratulate me!"

*Rescue Mania * is thrilled to announce this match up between two of wrestlings most athletically gifted performers.

This will be an athletic spectacle every wrestling fan will enjoy!

The "Lit Superstar" Sebastian Cage will undoubtably amaze the crowd at Felician University in Rutherford as he seems to literally defy gravity in the ring. His quickness and agility are second to none.

The "Elite Athlete" Mike Orlando also brings incredible athleticism combined with size and strength to the table. Can this big man fly you ask??? - you have no idea what this guy can do Rutherford NJ!

Truly a technical contest not to be missed!

The high flying Lucha libre sensation Ultimo Maya will take on the arrogant Darius Carter.

Ultimo Maya has been using his quickness and aerial tactics to rack up many victories to date. Darrius Carter's desire to break Maya's winning steak is the only thing that can get him to (in Darrius' own words) "come to wrestle in a toilet bowl like Rutherford".

Pretty sure we can guess who the fans will be behind in this one.

The jacked and tan modern day gladiator - SINISTER X taking on Craig Steele.

"He May look like a Greek statue, and maybe he can throw around dumbbells like they're baby rattles, but remember one thing - WEIGHTS DON'T FIGHT BACK! I'm a street fighter and I've sent plenty of muscle heads home, crying for their mamas. I'll do whatever it takes to win and that's what this meathead goof needs to realize" - says Steele.

Steele is anything but all talk as he's had an impressive winning streak as of late with several opponents ending up on the sidelines after sustaining injuries at the hands of Steele.

When asked for a reply, Sinister X just smirked, flexed and walked away.

This will certainly be a battle of the big men and we may need to reinforce the ring!!!

Manager extraordinaire "Shining" Edward Jackson will unleash his 6'2 298 lb juggernaut "The Reinforcer" Andrew Anderson as he has put his North American Championship on the line against anyone who has the guts to face him.

As of the moment, Anderson has an open contract, an open challenge and absolutely no takers. It's really no surprise that there are no challengers as Anderson has been absolutely decimating all his opponents.

Outside of the squared circle, Anderson can be seen in TVs Gotham, movies like The Wrestler, Skittles and Doritos commercials - but on March 24th all he's thinking about is making an BIG impact and he's putting the entire *Rescue Mania * roster on notice!


"It's all about Bright Lights and the Jersey Jewel - I am so disgusted about hearing about Gunner Trash, Crowbar and the rest of the Rutherford nobodies getting all of the *Rescue Mania* hype. Theeeeee greatest Tag Team in wrestling is on the card we're not getting the hype or coverage that we rightfully deserve!

Bright Lights, the Jersey Jewel and our manager B -Money are going to *Rescue Mania * and we're make a statement - trust me!"- Jarrett Foster


Rutherford hometown favorite, the DPW's Rich Russo aka "Gunner Trash" will face long time rival - the devious Prince Akkantan.
This has been a historic and heated rivalry with the Prince often resorting to cheap underhanded tactics.To address this issue, a special guest referee has been appoint to keep the Prince and his cronies in line.

That special referee is none other than the Rutherford Police Department's own Curtis Moore!


WWE HALL OF FAMER and former WWE intercontinental champion TITO SANTANA and former WWE cruiserweight champion Little Guido Maritato also have open contracts and will be wrestling on March 24th!!! Independent Wrestlers Shawn Donovan and Nikos Rikos will also be in action!

Old school Rasslin' commentary returns!
Your hosts / commentators for
*Rescue Mania*
Cheyenne Ortiz and Ed Rufolo ....
Trust me ...people will be talking about THIS duo! The new Gorilla and Heenan!


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