WWE 205 Live Results (3/27): Buddy Murphy Vs. Akira Tozawa Vs. TJP Vs. Kalisto, Alexander - Ali

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Tonight will feature a Fatal 4-Way between TJP, Buddy Murphy, Kalisto, and Akira Tozawa. Also, Tony Nese vs. Mark Andrews.

- We hear from all four competitors in tonight's Fatal 4-Way. Each plan on picking up a victory to get a step closer to challenging for the Cruiserweight Championship.

- Vic Joseph and Nigel McGuinness welcome us to tonight's show as they preview tonight's match. Drake Maverick already at the announce table as he hypes up 205 Live.

Tony Nese vs. Mark Andrews

Nese trying to counter Andrews' on the mat, ends up driving his head down on the mat. Both countering each other as we see Drew Gulak watching on from the back. Nese thrown in the corner, back elbow, heads up to the top and moonsaults off, lands on his feet. Andrews using his speed to overcome Nese's power, dropkick to the chest, cover, one-count.

Andrews hits a hurricanrana off the second rope, Nese on the floor. Andrews looks to fly, but Nese hops in the ring and drops him, cover, two. Nese with a knee to the midsection, pin, two. Andrews lands a bulldog, running knees in the corner, tries for a moonsault and knee catches him. Andrews with a tornado DDT, goes for a pin, two. Golden moonsault down to the floor by Andrews.

Action back in the ring, Andrews sent to the apron, sweep kick puts Andrews to the floor. Nese runs out and hits a big forearm shot. Andrews thrown back in the ring, Nese tries for a moonsault off the second rope, nobody home. Andrews with a flurry of strikes, enziguri to the head, double stomp, cover, two. Nese picks up Andrews, but Andrews hits stundog millionaire, gets up to the top, shooting star press, and that will do it.

Winner: Mark Andrews via Pinfall

- Post-match, Andrews says he wants Drew Gulak and asks Drake Maverick for the match. Maverick agrees and says he's getting that match.

- Backstage, Dasha Fuentes asks Gulak about having to face Andrews again. Gulak says Andrews is quite the high-flyer, but sends a notice out that he's the best submission specialist in the WWE. "If you step to me, you will tap out."

- Backstage, Buddy Murphy getting set for his match. TJP just chilling out on the stairs.

- Backstage, Maverick has a sit-down with Cedric Alexander and Mustafa Ali. The two can't believe how they went from sitting in a sky box and watching WrestleMania last year and now they will be on the show. Alexander talks about how it was amazing that they will wrestle in front of their friends and family and he will win the title. Ali has him repeat that last part and notes how Alexander always get to that big match and something messes up his chance at winning the title. Ali continues that they will tear the house down and the story ends with the title being raised over his head. Alexander responds that he'll sacrifice anything including stomping out the heart of 205 Live, that's what he'll do to become champion. Ali tells him that's exactly what he's going to have to do and the two shake hands.

Kalisto vs. Akira Tozawa vs. TJP vs. Buddy Murphy

Kalisto and Tozawa immediately start fighting. Murphy tries to get involved and thrown out of the ring. Kalisto flips to the floor to take out Tozawa. TJP just chills out in the ring until Murphy comes back in and yanks him up by his hair. Murphy with a running headscissors to send TJP out, Murphy looks to fly, but Kalisto catches him with a springboard corkscrew crossbody. TJP tosses Tozawa out of the ring and tries to make friends with Murphy. Murphy goes to suplex Kalisto and TJP immediately hits Murphy in the back to end that friendship.

Murphy on the apron, gets thrown into the ring post. TJP with a dual submission on Tozawa and Kalisto. TJP works over both wrestlers and ends up sending both out of the ring. Murphy back in and he clubs TJP with a couple clotheslines, eventually sending him out of the ring. Kalisto is in and out of the ring, Murphy throws him into the barricade, throws Tozawa on the announce table, and TJP up against the apron.

Kalisto and TJP in the ring now, TJP with a clothesline. Tozawa charges in and gets put in a cloverleaf submission. Murphy in to end that. Kalisto hops over Murphy and lands a nice DDT. All four guys take each other out and all are down on the mat now. Tozawa suicide dive on TJP, Kalisto with a crazy corkscrew flip down on both guys, and then Murphy with a front flip clearing out all three guys.

Tozawa head up to the top rope to finish off Kalisto, gets caught up there and Kalisto heads up. TJP looks to powerbomb Kalisto and he gets sent to the mat. TJP locking in a surfboard submission, Murphy sneaks in and tries to pin TJP. Tozawa off the top rope and senton splashes Kalisto on the other two. Tozwa with some big strikes to Murphy who returns fire. Kalisto with a solida del sol on TJP, Tozawa kicks Kalisto away, nearly gets the pin but Kalisto breaks it up. Murphy sends Tozawa and Kalisto out to the floor. TJP with a kneebar on Murphy in the middle of the ring. Kalisto and Tozawa yank TJP out, Murphy flips and clears out everyone on the floor. Murphy throws TJP back in the ring, nails murphy's law for the victory.

Winner: Buddy Murphy via Pinfall


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