Corey Graves On Embracing His Non-Wrestling Role In WWE, Calling His First WrestleMania, Comparisons

Corey Graves recently spoke with Rolling Stone to promote WrestleMania 34 for a feature piece on his career. The article features quotes from Graves' good friend Baron Corbin, among others. The full interview is at this link and below are highlights:

Working commentary for WWE instead of wrestling:

"I think I'd be lying if I said there wasn't always something of a little glimmer of hope that something miraculously would change. But I've fully embraced my role now… I'm cool with wearing suits and talking about other people for a while, because I can hopefully do this a lot longer."

Calling his first WrestleMania this year:

"I just get goosebumps talking about it."

Appreciating the praise he receives but keeping legends like Bobby Heenan and Jesse Ventura on a pedestal that is still a long way away from where he is:

"They are mythical creatures to me. I'd love to be in the same breath as them, but I probably won't accept it someday, maybe not until I'm gone."

Source: Rolling Stone


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