Garza, Jr. Provides Injury Update, When To Expect An Announcement Of Future Wrestling Plans

As previously reported, WWE is looking to sign Impact Wrestling star Garza, Jr. based on if he passes the current medicals he is undergoing. Garza, Jr. is coming off shoulder surgery, and was last a part of the November Impact Wrestling tapings. At the tapings, he picked up six- and 10-man tag team match victories.

The feeling of why names such as Garza, Jr., as well as Ultimo Ninja, are being signed to WWE is due to the company's desire to build more Mexican stars. This is also why there has been negotiations to re-sign Rey Mysterio, as well as reconcile the relationship the company has with Alberto El Patron (Del Rio).

I had the opportunity to catch up with Garza, Jr. at the Wildkat Sports event in New Orleans to get a status update.

"I'm getting well," Garza, Jr. said regarding his shoulder injury. "It's seven months after my surgery, you can see my [kinesio] tape. It's getting well, but I think I need to get more better, for sure, and I have more plans, but I have to get better with my arm."

Garza was also asked whether he will stay with Impact Wrestling or sign with WWE after he heals up. He said that he will be ready to make an announcement in about 3-4 months, and for people to wait for the surprise.

You can view the interview below. The full interview was apparently cut, most likely due to Garza, Jr. discussing a potential WWE future.


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