Michelle McCool On The Undertaker's Status, David Otunga Helps Niece Get New Heart, Craig DeGeorge

- MLB.com has video here of Miami Marlins field reporter Craig Minervini, f.k.a. Craig DeGeorge in WWE, helping Marlins shortstop Miguel Rojas play an April Fool's prank on teammate Lewis Brinson yesterday. Minervini, seen above interviewing The Ultimate Warrior, worked for WWE as an interviewer from 1987 - 1988.

- The Blast has a story here about David Otunga helping his niece, Kylee, get a heart transplant. Otunga had devoted his time to find Kylee a heart, which she recently secured. Otunga told The Blast that Kylee's recovery has been amazing, and that she is now walking and responding "like she has fresh life breathed into her." While she has a long road ahead of her with her recovery, Otunga said that she is in great spirits and positive about getting better. Kylee was diagnosed with congestive heart failure last September and had been kept alive with the assistance of a machine and a continuous IV. She was bumped to the top of the list to receive a transplant because her condition had been rapidly deteriorating.

- Michelle McCool responded to a disappointed fan on Twitter this morning. The fan was "legit disappointed" that Taker did not show up on RAW last night to accept John Cena's challenge and asked where Taker is. McCool replied:


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