WWE Main Event Recap: Mark Andrews Vs. Tony Nese, Six-Man Cruiserweight Tag Team Match

The Main Event opening video kicks off the show after the usual WWE signature. Mark Andrews and Tony Nese make their entrances as Vic Joseph, Nigel McGuinness and Percy Watson check in on commentary.

Mark Andrews vs. Tony Nese

They lock up. Nese sends Andrews to the corner. Nese strikes Andrews several times. Andrews ducks a clothesline attempt by Nese. Andrews hits a pair of arm-drags on Nese. Nese kicks Andrews in the mid-section. Andrews dropkicks Nese. The fight spills out of the ring as Andrews hits a moonsault off the second turnbuckle onto Nese at ringside. Andrews rolls Nese back into the ring. Nese drops Andrews onto his knee. Nese pins Andrews for a two count. Nese strikes Andrews with his elbow. Nese pins Andrews for a two count. Nese briefly locks in a Torture Rack, Andrews elbows Nese. Andrews kicks Nese. Andrews hits a Bulldog on Nese. Andrews pins Nese for a two count. Andrews drives both of his knees into Nese. Nese hits a forearm on Andrews. Nese rolls Andrews up for a two count. Andrews rolls through and stomps Nese. Andrews goes to the top rope. Andrews hits a Shooting Star Press on Nese. Andrews pins Nese for the win.

Winner: Mark Andrews

A recap of Jeff Hardy, Finn Balor & Intercontental Champion Seth Rollins defeating The Miz, Bo Dallas & Curtis Axel on RAW is shown.

A recap of Roman Reigns and Samoa Joe's verbal confrontation from RAW is shown.

Kalisto, Gran Metalik & Lince Dorado make their entrance. TJP, Jack Gallagher & Ariya Daivari make their entrance.

Kalisto, Gran Metalik & Lince Dorado vs. TJP, Jack Gallagher & Ariya Daivari

Dorado and Daivari start the match. Daivari locks in a wrist-lock on Dorado. Dorado hits a Snapmare on Daivari. Dorado dropkicks Daivari. Dorado pins Daivari for a one count. Daivari backs Dorado into the corner. Gallagher tags in. Gallagher stomps on Dorado. After several pin exchanges, Dorado ducks a clothesline attempt by Gallagher before splashing him as well. Dorado pins Gallagher for a two count. Kalisto is tagged in. Kalisto kicks Gallagher. Gallagher slams Kalisto to the mat. Kalisto hits an arm-drag on Gallagher. Kalisto goes to the second rope. Gallagher pulls Kalisto off the rope, following a distraction from Daivari. Daivari is tagged in heading into a commercial break.

Gallagher pulls Kalisto to the mat after the commercial break. Gallgher snaps the elbow of Kalisto before pinning him for a two count. Daiavri is tagged in. Gallagher and Daivari hit a Double Suplex on Kalisto. Daivari goes to the top turnbuckle. Kalisto moves out of the way of a Splash attempt by Daivari. TJP is tagged in, as is Metalik. Metalik hits an arm-drag on TJP. Metalik dropkicks TJP. Gallagher and Daivari break up a pin attempt by Metalik on TJP. Dorado hits a Back-Handspring into a Double Stunner on Gallagher and Daivari. Gallagher and Daivari roll out of the ring. Dorado and Kalisto ascend the turnbuckles. Kalisto dives onto Gallagher as Dorado dives onto Daivari at ringside. TJP rolls Metalik up for a two count. Metalik fights his way out of a detonation kick attempt by TJP. Metalik superkicks TJP. Metalik hits a Bulldog on TJP. Metalik ascends the turnbuckle. Metalik hits an Elbow Drop from off the top rope on TJP. Metalik pins TJP for the win.

Winners: Kalisto, Gran Metalik & Lince Dorado

A recap of the physical altercation between Ronda Rousey and RAW Commissioner Stephanie McMahon on RAW is shown.

A recap of Shinsuke Nakamura interfering in a match between Daniel Bryan and WWE Champion AJ Styles on SmackDown Live is shown to close the show.


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