Finn Balor On How Sister Abigail Match Being Nixed Was A Turning Point In His Career

Finn Balor was interviewed by What Culture. Below are a couple of highlights:

The toughest three wrestlers he's faced in the ring:

"Let me think. Samoa Joe. Huge man but moves like a cruiserweight, hits like a heavyweight and has stamina for days. Bray Wyatt. He has size that just doesn't translate on TV, like in person he's much bigger than he looks. I had to use a lot of the lessons I learned from fighting Samoa Joe and apply them to Bray Wyatt. The third most toughest person I've ever faced in the ring would be Zack Sabre Jr, who despite his size and unique frame has deceptive toughness and uses your own movements against you. He's someone who's very economical with his movement and someone who can counteract someone's strength with his technique."

What fans could have expected from his nixed match with Sister Abigail at TLC last year:

"I don't know [laughs]. It'll always be that great unknown question. I think that it could have really went either way. What were we going to see with Sister Abigail, I don't even know what we were going to see but I think it worked out well for me in the end. Obviously Bray was struck down with illness, was it fate or not I don't know - maybe it was Sister Abigail that stuck him down [laughs]. But obviously Bray had to step out, AJ (Styles) stepped in and I believe that was definitely a turning point in the year for me and helped me get a little bit of steam to where I am now. So, thank God we didn't see that Sister Abigail!"

Balor also discussed how the Bullet Club and Balor Club have evolved, competing in his first WrestleMania and more. You can read the full interview by clicking here.


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