Lucha Underground Results (6/27): 3 Way To The Grave Match Fenix Vs Jeremiah Crane Vs Mil Muertes

Let's travel back to the icehouse Temple to see what Antonio Cueto has in store for us this week. There will be a Three Way To The Grave match between Jeremiah Crane, Fenix, and Mil Muertes and plenty more action as well. You never know what can happen in pro wrestling and that is especially true on Lucha Underground

Jack Evans also issued a Put Up Or Shut Up challenge which resulted in a new star to The Temple as Johnny Mundo is looking for revenge leading Worldwide Underground into battle against the reptiles. So let's not waste any more time and get right to the action.

-Worldwide Underground was backstage when Johnny Mundo walked in and put Jack against the reptiles tonight. He bailed on them because snakes are scary. Then Mundo said the rest of them have their marching orders and he left. Before the scene ended, the camera zoomed in on the creepy babydoll Ricky Mandel was holding and the babydoll said, "don't worry Ricky your secret is safe with me." Then the babydoll laughed while Ricky looked into the camera and it was super creepy.

Jack Evans vs Xo Lishus
Xo was a very flamboyant pro wrestler and Evans grabbed the microphone before Melissa could introduce him so he could do it right.

Evans took advantage from the early goings and took Xo Lishus down first but Lishus pulled the top rope down on Jack and hit a dive to the floor. Jack sprung up and racked Xo's face before locking in a stretching arm submission. Jack did a flip into the corner only to stop and perform an eye gouge like a true heel. He worked Xo in methodical fashion for a bit before locking in another submission hold while one of Xo Lishus' eyelashes started to come off due to the beating.

Xo hit a kick, a dropkick, and a back elbow before nailing a very unique jaw jacker complete with splits. 1-2- kick out. Jack flipped over Xo and hit a spinwheel kick followed by a corkscrew for another two count.

Xo took Evans off the turnbuckle with a back handspring into a leg scissors and then hit a slits/leg drop off the middle turnbuckle for a near fall. The fought on the top rope and Xo hit an X-Factor from the top rope for the win.

Winner: Xo Lishus

-Pentagon Dark was in the ring and he said he kept his title through Aztec Warfare. He said anyone who wants a shot at his title will fail too and they will end up broken. Because he is Pentagon Dark and he has Cero Miedo. Suddenly, Brian Cage jumped in the ring and beat Pentagon Dark down. Brian cage set up a table on the outside of the ring and nailed a powerbomb through the table off the apron on Pentagon Dark. Cage picked up the microphone and The Machine said he will become the next Lucha Underground Champion.

-Fenix and Melissa were backstage and she didn't want him to be in the match but it was something he had to do. She kissed him and then there was a pretty romantic scene inserted in the middle of a pro wrestling show.

Fenix vs Mil Muertes vs Jeremiah Crane - Threeway To The Grave Match
There are three caskets around the ring with funeral flowers set up around them as well. Each casket has a different lucha's name on it and to win the match you have to close your opponents in their individual coffins.

Mil took out Crane with a boot to the gut and Fenix fought Mil for a minute. Fenix hit a straight kick and a DDT before Crane took Fenix down as well. Crane landed a knee to the corner on Fenix and boot to Mil in the corner before Fenix jumped in and the started fighting on the apron over a casket for a moment before returning to the ring

Mil smashed Crane with a wreath of flowers and then bounced his head off a casket a few times before powerbombing him off it. Mil positioned Crane to powerbomb him through the announce table but Crane fought out of it and ran around the ring only to be steamrolled by Mil Muertes.

Mil set propped a table against the guardrail. Fenix nailed a Frankensteiner on Mil off the railing and then Crane locked up with Mil but he sent him into a casket anyway. Crane and Fenix his a double superkick on Mil but it didn't take him off his feet. Then Crane jumped on Mil and hit a powerbomb through the table.

Fenix and Crane fought on and Jeremiah fish hooked Fenix and drug him up the stairs. He hit a piledriver on the concrete on the top of the stairs. Suddenly, the elevator opened up and Mil got out to attack Crane. He smashed Crane in the heavy freezer icehouse doors and then the two fought while Fenix had a chance to climb on top of a huge freezer to hit a dive on both of them, but they were in the top level of The Temple and needed to get back to the coffins to end the match.

Crane rolled the stairs after a shot from Mil Muertes to join Fenix who had already made his way down the hard way. Mil set up another table and put it in the ring. He grabbed Crane and set him on the top rope before Fenix jumped up and kicked Mil down to the floor. Fenix chopped Crane before climbing up but Jeremiah launched Fenix over his head and sent him crashing to the floor where Mil was laying on a table.

Fenix jumped right back up on the top rope and found Crane laying on the table but Jeremiah hit him and climbed up too. They fought on the top rope for a second before Crane nailed a piledriver through the table under them.

Crane opened the coffin and started to roll Fenix into the coffin and he got him in before Ivelisse rolled in the ring with a hammer and she nailed Crane in the knee and the hand while yelling in his face. She nailed in again and then laid in several knees to his face while he laid over the middle rope. He gave her the finger and she broke it. Crane was bleeding at this point and then Ivelisse hit him again before he fell into his own coffin and then she closed the lid to take him out of the match.

Mil and Fenix fought on in the ring and Fenix took a snap suplex after hitting a kick to the face. Mil started tearing at Fenix's face as Melissa yelled on from ringside. Mil exposed the bottom turnbuckle and almost drove Fenix's head into it and then he hit a slingshot into the exposed bottom turnbuckle to bust Fenix open and rip at his mask even more. Fenix's mask was pretty much ripped off and he was bleeding pretty badly too.

Mil and Fenix traded shots on the outside for a bit until Mil got the upper hand. Melissa checked on Fenix as Mil Muertes got Fenix's coffin in the ring. Fenix countered Mil and dropkicked him into the coffin, but Mil blocked the lid from being shut on him.

Mil fought out of the coffin and then hit a belly to belly suplex on Fenix bouncing his body off the closed coffin lid as it was propped in the corner. Mil positioned Fenix for a powerbomb on the closed coffin again but Fenix fought out. He his some shops on Mil and went for a handspring back elbow but Mil Mil slammed him down.

Suddenly, Fenix nailed a cutter and a hook kick to the face. Fenix jumped to the top rope but Mil caught him and slammed him onto the coffin bending in in the process. Fenix nailed a dropkick off the top rope and amped up the crowd before jumping up to the top rope again and diving into a flatliner from Mil.

Then Mil dragged Fenix to the outside of the ring and opened up the final coffin. He got Fenix in the coffin and closed the lid to win the match.

Winner: Mil Muertes

After the match was over, Catrina rubbed herself on the coffin and looked very happy as Fenix's coffin was led off.

-Antonio Cueto was talking to Matanza who was chained up and looking very angry. Antonio said he has a key that holds Matanza's soul. He said Dario Cueto caring about his brother has made him week. Then Antonio said Matanza is meant to be his child but he's meant to be so much more than that. Then he tossed Matanza the key and told him to destroy the soul of his son and become a god. Matanza did just that and the chains fell off.


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