WWE 205 Live Results (6/19): Mustafa Ali Vs. Buddy Murphy Vs. Hideo Itami, Lio Rush Coming Soon

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Tonight features Buddy Murphy vs. Mustafa Ali vs. Hideo Itami.

- Recap of Hideo Itami getting involved in Murphy vs. Ali from a few weeks back and how we got to tonight's triple threat match.

- Tom Phillips and Percy Watson on tonight with Nigel and Vic in the UK.

Drew Gulak (with The Brian Kendrick) vs. Lince Dorado (with Kalisto and Gran Metalik)

Lots of counters to get us started, neither wrestler getting much momentum until Gulak lands a headbutt to the sternum. Gulak with punches in the corner, Dorado with a moonsault off the second rope and brings Gulak down to the mat. Gulak recovers and continues to stomp away at Dorado with Kendrick taunting him on the outside. Gulak snaps the rope on the back of Dorado's neck and he falls to the floor.

Gulak tears at Dorado's mask, "I just want to see who it is!" They end up bumping heads and both go down as the referee starts up his ten count. Both up and Dorado hits a dropkick and tugs at Gulak's hair in response to him trying to rip off Dorado's mask. Dorado with a crossbody and hits a handspring stunner, cover, Kendrick quickly puts Gulak's leg on the rope. Lucha house party yells at the referee about it, Kendrick yanks Dorado's neck across the bottom rope, Gulak with a dragon sleeper for the tap out. He's tapped out all three members.

Winner: Drew Gulak via Submission

- Backstage, Drake Maverick tells the ref he doesn't want anything to get messed up in tonight's triple threat. He talks to Hideo Itami and tells him to be a professional and talk to him like a man instead of ruining one of his main events. Itami says there won't be a problem in the future, if he gets respect from Maverick. The GM says that respect goes both ways and tonight he should prove he belongs by performing well later tonight.

- Locker Room, Buddy Murphy getting ready for his match with Tony Nese amping him up.

- TJP heads out with a mic and says he's being wasted for yet another week by the worst GM, Drake Maverick, and gets some random guy in the ring. He asks his opponent a question if he really thinks he deserves to be in the ring with the best technical wrestler or if he's just some middle of the road guy that was pulled off the scrap heap. The guy ends up getting popped TJP in the face. TJP locks in the kneebar and won't let go as his opponent yells and yells. The match never officially gets started.

- Backstage, Mustafa Ali gets ready for his match. Cedric Alexander shakes his hand and gives him a nod before Ali heads off.

- Phillips and Watson talk about Lio Rush signing with 205 Live and will make his debut next week! Also next week: Lucha House Party vs. Jack Gallagher, Drew Gulak, and The Brian Kendrick.

Mustafa Ali vs. Buddy Murphy vs. Hideo Itami

Murphy and Ali both want a crack at Itami as he bails out to the ring. Murphy heads out to swing on him, but Ali flips off the top turnbuckle to take down both guys. Ali tosses Itami back in the ring and swings away. Murphy heads in, tosses Ali to the mat and stomps away at Itami, pops Ali in the face again, and goes back to work on Itami. Murphy gets dumped to the floor and Ali looks to fly, but Itami halts that, pin, two.

Itami boots Murphy off the apron to the floor, goes for a cover on Ali, two. Big kick to Ali's back. Crowd pretty quiet for this one thus far, minus the few chanting "CM Punk." Itami yells for the crowd to respect him, Murphy heads in and drops him, but he gets right back up and they begin trading strikes. Ali in there with Itami, drops him, Murphy flies in and lands a big lariat, suplex with the bridge, two-count. All three wrestlers are holding their lower backs.

Murphy with a sleeper on Ali who counters with a jawbreaker as Itami heads back into the ring. Ali with a rolling cutter as Murphy sends him up high and he lands it on Itami. Ali with a reverse rana, tornado DDT, cover, two-count. Ali heads to the top turnbuckle, but Itami able to knock him down. Itami goes up, flips Ali off (landing on his feet), but Murphy boots him in the face, then boots Itami in the face, Murphy then crushes Itami with a twisting DDT off his shoulders, cover, two.

All three start throwing strikes at each other. Superkick party, Ali tries for a second rope moonsault and gets kicked in midair. Crowd finally wakes up a bit for that sequence. Itami gets powerbombed by Murphy, cover, two, knee to his face. Ali nails Murphy with a kick and looks to hit 054 on both opponents! Murphy rolls out of the ring, Ali cover, Murphy pulls him out to the floor and throws him into the announce table. Murphy then tears apart the table, gets up on it, but Ali trips him up. Murphy stands up on the table, Ali charges, jumps, and hits a spanish fly to the floor!

Ali heads back in the ring, Itami with a hesitation dropkick in the corner, cover, two. Itami pulls the bottom turnbuckle pad off, throws Ali into the second bottom, then hits a running dropkick sending Ali's head into that exposed bottom turnbuckle, cover, 1-2-3.

Winner: Hideo Itami via Pinfall


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