WWE NXT Results (6/27): Undisputed Era Vs Mustache Mountain & Ricochet, New Challenger For NXT Title

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As the NXT roster gears up for NXT TakeOver: Brooklyn, we're bound to see some pieces fall in place for that show soon enough. We also have new NXT Tag Team Champions after Mustache Mountain defeated The Undisputed Era at the WWE United Kingdom Championship Tournament. Aleister Black is in need of a new #1 contender for his NXT Title after surviving Lars Sullivan at NXT TakeOver: Chicago and Shayna Baszler is in the same boat after defeating Nikki Cross as well.

Tonight's episode features: Aleister Black makes an appearance, Tommaso Ciampa moves on after defeating Johnny Gargano at NXT TakeOver: Chicago, Kona Reeves is in action against Max Humberto, Candice LeRae vs Lacey Evans, and Mustache Mountain perform for the first time as NXT Tag Team Champions. Ricochet and The Undisputed Era are also in action.

-Last week was mostly a highlight episode of NXT TakeOver: Chicago with two matches inserted which were taped before the big event. The War Raiders defeated The Mighty in tag team action and Bianca Belair defeated Dakota Kai as well.

-They highlighted Mustache Mountain's victory over The Undisputed Era at the WWE Cruiserweight Championship Tournament and promised they would be in action tonight.

-Aleister Black went to the ring for a promo in a formal outfit with the NXT Championship around his waist. He said how you deal with adversity is what defines you as a champion and he overcame his adversity at NXT TakeOver: Chicago. Then Tommaso Ciampa walked out to no entrance music because he doesn't need it and the "you suck" chants immediately started. Ciampa said it's time Aleister stands face to face with the devil and he sees through Aleister Black and he just doesn't buy Black's facade. Tommaso said in Aleister Black's case the title makes who he is and he barely got by Lars Sullivan in Chicago and on the same night he beat Johnny Gargano. Then Tommaso Ciampa said Black has something he wants. Aleister tried to say if William Regal books the match then he'll kick his butt, however, Ciampa interrupted him and said all he needs is one moment and in that moment Aleister's title reign will fade to black.

-They revealed that Lars Sullivan fought through his match at NXT TakeOver: Chicago with a broken jaw and they showed the x-rays to prove it. Does that mean he won't be around for a while?

-Vanessa Bourne cut an interview outside the WWE Performance Center where she was asking reporters why Kairi Sane dresses like a pirate. She thinks that's stupid. Bourne said she's a vision and she's going to take Sane to the ring and make sure she doesn't walk out. She'll be the one on the posters soon instead of Kairi Sane.

Kona Reeves vs Max Humberto
Reeves toyed with Max a little bit to start things out and then he put on a headlock that he transitioned to the ground. Once they got to their feet, Kona heaved Humberto to the floor and quickly put him on the apron to lay on some damage.

Max continued to sell as Kona hit a butterfly suplex and a diving elbow off the turnbuckle. Max tried to mount a comeback but then Kona Reeves hit a boot and a Hawaiian Drop for the win.

Winner: Kona Reeves

-They played a clip of Mustache Mountain winning the NXT Tag Team Titles at the WWE United Kingdom Championship Tournament.

Candice LeRae vs Lacey Evans

"Candice Wrestling" chants from the get-go but Lacey got the first bit of offense with a shoulder tackle before LeRae hit a trio of armdrags and pinned for a two count. Candice got shoved into the corner and Lacey jumped on the apron to pull LeRae's hair before wrapping her arm around the ring post.

Evans continued to focus her attack on Candice's arm when they moved back inside the ring. Candice scored a quick near fall with a roll-up pin before Lacey shook her off and continued damaging Candice's arm. Lacey pressed Candice on and took her to the mat with a modified cobra clutch.

Candice fought back and hit a rolling neck snap on Lacey as she sat on the canvas, but LeRae couldn't capitalize because she was selling her arm. Candice fought back with her right arm since her left one was busted. She beat Lacey into the corner with all right hands and landed a move off the middle turnbuckle that drove Lacey's face into the mat. Candice hit a vertebreaker and a moonsault off the ropes for the win.

Winner: Candice LeRae

-Johnny Gargano cut a promo backstage where he said Candice LeRae is his favorite wrestler. He said it's far from over with Tommaso Ciampa and he's going to talk to Mr. Regal and make sure they do it one more time. He doesn't care if it's in the streets, Brooklyn, or the grocery store because this ends with he does.

-Heavy Machinery cut a promo on The Mighty and they're not playing any more games. They were also having a BBQ.

-Candice LeRae was interviewed backstage where she said while she is worried about Johnny Gargano, it's time for her to focus on her goal and nothing is going to stop her from going for the NXT Championship

Mushtache Mountain vs Dave Nixon and Carl Axelrod
Undisputed Era ambushed Nixon and Axelrod on the entrance ramp. After beating them down The Undisputed era said Mustache Mountain's win was a fluke and they're phonies. Adam Cole said they're going to make sure when Mustache Mountain board a plane back to the UK that they won't be champions.

The Undisputed Era surrounded the ring and just when they were about to jump the in a three-on-two attack, Ricochet ran out for the save to even things up. It looks like we're getting a six-man tag.

Undisputed Era vs Mustache Mountain and Ricochet
Ricochet and Mustache Mountain worked fast from the start to hit several tandem moves on O'Reilly before Adam Cole got the tag. Seven chopped Cole and hit a DDT for a near fall. Tyler Bate took the tag and Cole fought both of them off. Roderick Strong came in and he took a slam before Seven hit a senton on both Cole and Strong. Then Ricochet jumped in and hit a moonsault on both of them as well.

Strong took the advantage over Bate until Tyler hit him with a sucker punch. Cole ran in but he was taken out as well. Strong bounced Tyler off the ropes and Cole hit him with a kick before taking the tag. Adam Cole stomped Tyler Bate in the corner for a bit before Kyle O'Reilly got the tag and then they quickly traded the tag back to Roderick Strong who took Bate down with a submission hold for a bit.

Cole took the tag and kept the pressure on Tyler Bate for a bit before O'Reilly got another turn. The Undisputed Era kept utilizing their tags very well and cut the ring in half on Tyler Bate as the crowd started to build for Tyler's comeback. Bate finally landed a knee strike and an exploder suplex on Strong before Ricochet got the tag.

The One And Only cleared the ring and pulled off a move where he placed Cole under Strong's arm and then hit Strong with a neckbreaker to make him DDT his own partner. Ricochet landed a northern lights suplex but O'Reilly caught him with a guillotine choke and Ricochet used his strength to walk over to the corner with Kyle hanging on him.

Seven got the tag and fought Kyle off Ricochet before continuing. O'Reilly hit a kick to Seven's thigh and then the Undisputed Era hit Trent with a few strikes. Cole exposed his knee and was about to hit a running knee before Trent Seven popped up and hit a lariat. Ricochet took the tag but it wasn't long until chaos broke loose in the ring once again.

Cole and Ricochet traded kicks to the head to conclude the quick melee that left everyone laying on the mat. Ricochet and Cole fought in the ring as the legal men while everyone else fought on the outside. Ricochet climbed up for a 630 that landed but O'Reilly pulled Adam Cole out of the ring to break up the count.

Ricochet landed a dive on Kyle but the Strong grabbed Ricochet and sent his back against the side of the ring. He rolled Ricochet in the ring and then Adam Cole made the pin.

Winners: The Undisputed Era


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