Bruce Prichard Reveals Nixed Angles With The Undertaker And The Ultimate Warrior

Ric Flair has shared the ring with many legendary wrestlers throughout his Hall-of-Fame career. But not many WWE fans have ever seen him wrestle against The Ultimate Warrior. On the Something To Wrestle with Bruce Prichard podcast, the former WWE producer revealed that backstage officials once floated the idea of the two legends facing each other at WrestleMania 9.

Flair wrestled The Ultimate Warrior only twice in his career and the matches were at untelevised house shows. Maybe that was for good reason, as Flair himself called those two matches the worst of his career. Prichard said the idea for Flair for face Warrior was nixed when Warrior left the company, but he thinks that was for the best because he believes a match between them wouldn't have went well.

"I don't think that they would have worked with one another. Talk about a clash in style. From my vantage point I don't think we had a solid plan heading into WrestleMania 9 regarding Ric Flair and Ultimate Warrior when everybody left in November," Prichard explained. "At least not to anything I was privy to at that point. When I got there in September, we were working towards Survivor Series and then everything blew up with British Bulldog and Ultimate Warrior leaving, but I could have seen that, being a logical progression getting to Ric Flair and Ultimate Warrior. I don't think it was ever discussed. I thought that would have been a horrible match."

Known for managing The Undertaker and for his eccentric Brother Love character, Prichard also discussed some other character ideas that he wasn't able to do in WWE. He revealed one of them involved The Ultimate Warrior, where he would be training under his tutelage.

"I was going to come back as Bruce Prichard, the real person behind Brother Love with dark hair to manage The Undertaker at one point. There was a time that I wanted to do the other one where The Ultimate Warrior got me into shape and discovered me that I was actually truly Brother Love," Prichard said. "Those were the two that were serious and everybody likes to show the stuff online where I used to go down and collect hardcore material after matches where you would see me pick things up in the background and pick things up in the backstage area. The idea behind that was that we were going to do an auction, and I was going to be the guy who was going to do the auction. Kind of a sleazy character where we do things online and auction in-ring use items."

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Source: Something To Wrestle with Bruce Prichard

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