Lucha Underground Results (7/25): New Gift Of The Gods Champion Crowned

It's time to go back to The Temple for another episode of Lucha Underground. You can check out Luch Underground Wednesdays on El Rey Network at 8 pm. We appreciate you checking out the results here at Wrestling Inc.

- On last week's episode: Dezmond X captured the last Ancient Aztec Medallion, The Worldwide Underground continued their feud with The Reptiles, and Pentagon Dark successfully defended the Lucha Underground Championship against Cage.

- On this week's episode: Sammy Guevara has a chance to prove himself against Jake Strong, Matanza Cueto has another sacrifice, and we crown a new Gift Of The Gods Champion.

Jake Strong vs Sammy Guevara

They started off with Strong latching his arms around Guevara and hitting a German suplex. He kept hold of Guevara and hit another overhead throw that turned Sammy around so he landed on his face.

Strong landed a splash and Guevara hit a crossbody that sent both of them toppling over the top rope to the ring. The two fought on the outside for a bit and Sammy started to climb a ladder on the wall of The Temple. Strong tried to stop him, but Guevara kicked him off into a wall. Once Sammy Guevara got to the top of the ladder, he hit a moonsault from the top of The Temple onto Strong.

The crowd was chanting "please don't die" as Sammy was climbing up and "this is awesome" once he landed the move. Guevara rolled Strong into the ring and went for a springboard move, but Strong woke up and grabbed Sammy's leg in mid-air. Strong latched on the ankle lock and Guevara had no choice but to tap out.

Winner: Jake Strong

- Strong didn't let go after the match and kept the ankle lock on. After a ton of selling from Guevara and twisting from Strong, the former WWE Champion snapped Sammy's ankle to leave him laying on the mat with his new injury.

Vinnie Massaro vs Matanza Cueto

Antonio Cueto showed up and said he carefully evaluated his roster when he took control and his first impulse was to fire Massaro. He said since his son kept Vinnie around then there must be true talent there somewhere. Antonio said since Vinnie's performance at Aztec Warfare, he decided to order him a pizza... then someone brought out a pizza. It had pineapple on it and that didn't set too well with him. Then Antonio made Vinne a sacrifice to the gods too.

Cueto came out and ruined Vinnie's pizza party. Massaro hit a couple chops and started bouncing off the ropes and he didn't stop until he blew himself up. As Vinnie caught his breath, Matanza hit a headbutt and a running powerslam right on the pizza.

Winner: Matanza Cueto

- After the match, the pizza delivery guy took Vinnie's wallet and then he noticed Matanza standing there. He offered the wallet to Matanza, but Cueto just hit a chokeslam on him instead.

Gift Of The Gods Match

Antonio came out and said they're not having a 6-way match, they're having a 3-way match. He said they will have a trios match to determine who will go on to compete in the Gift Of The Gods match.

Son Of Havoc, Ivelisse, and The Mack vs Dezmond X, El Dragon Azteca Jr, and King Cuerno

Killshot stood on the entrance and had a sour look on his face during this match. The Mack did pretty well taking out Cuerno and Azteca. Then King Cuerno stuck around and The Mack tagged in Son Of Havoc.

Havoc hit a springboard crossbody for a two count as the Ivellse chants started. She took the tag and took Cuerno out with a rana. She sent Dezmond X outside as well and took Azteca Jr down with a scorpion kick and then she latched a submission hold on him before he fought out.

Ivelissa continued to sell as Dezmond X continued to cut the ring in half and apply damage. He landed several palm strikes before Ivelisse fought back and created separation for herself. The Mack took the tag and he started taking everyone out with tackles. Havoc took the tag as Ivelisse landed a dive from the apron to the floor on Cuerno. The Mack landed a dive on everyone on the outside leaving Havoc and Dezmond in the ring.

Havoc knocked Dezmond to the flood and then he landed a big somersault dive on everyone on the floor. Cuerno avoided a shooting star press once everyone returned to the ring and landed The Thrill Of The Hunt for the win.

Winners: King Cuerno, Dezmond X, and Dragon Azteca Jr

- Mil Muertes shows up and destroyed The Mack on the side of the ring. Son of Havod was about to be next and Killshot came down and fought Mil off. It was too late for The Mack though.

King Cuerno vs Dezmond X vs El Dragon Azteca Jr - Gift Of The Gods Match

Cuerno landed a stiff chop to Dezmond and placed him on the top rope. Then Cuerno hit a frankensteiner on Dezmond that X turned into a seated pin attempt on Dragon Azteca.

X fought on with King and Cuerno caught a kick from X too. Dezmond hit a dropkick to the back on Cuerno for a two count and then X and Dragon started working. Azteca hit a dropkick for a close two count and Cuerno hit a big boot when X got up.

Azteca was sent out of the ring and Cuerno hit a suicide dive. He moved the action back into the ring for a splash and a two count. Dragon landed a sunset flip roll-up pin but Dezmond broke it up. Then Dezmond started hitting strikes on Azteca in the corner. Dezmond landed a back handspring into a toe kick on Azteca for a close two count before Cuerno got back in the ring and locked submission holds on both competitors at the same time.

Dezmond hit a European uppercut on Dragon in the corner and landed a frankensteiner off the top rope. Cuerno ended up outside the ring and Dragon went out to join him as Dezmond joined the fight outside. Dezmond and Azteca clotheslined each other at the same time as Cuerno ran through both of them with a double clothelines. Dragon took a bump into the announce table thanks to Cuerno and then King started dragging Dezmond away.

Cuerno lifted X into a fireman's carry and dropped him onto the railing of The Temple. Then Cuerno sent Azteca toppling over a row of seats before lifting him up into a fireman's carry as well. Dragon fought out as Dezmond appeared on the top of The Temple where he hit a massive dive on both of them.

X rolled Dragon into the ring but he missed hit top rope splash attempt. Dragon started climbing up but Dezmond stopped him. They fought on the top and Azteca hit a flipping powebomb off the top for the win.

Winner: El Dragon Azteca Jr

- Marty The Moth Martinez is laying on the floor backstage and he doesn't look comfortable. Mariposa pours water on his face to wake him up. She said The Moth needs focus and he needs to get rid of the strange goals he has. She said Marty doesn't need to try and take Pentagon Dark's teeth, he needs to take his title. They want to bring the Lucha Underground Championship to The Moth Tribe.


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