MLW: Fusion Results (7/20): Shane Strickland Vs. Low Ki MLW Title Match, Tom Lawlor Vs. Jimmy Havoc

It's time for another action-packed episode of MLW: Fusion. Thank you for checking out the coverage on Wrestling Inc. You can check out MLW: Fusion on BEin Sports Fridays at 8pm.

On last week's episode: The Stud Stable made a big statement, Joey Janela was victorious over MJF, and Jake Hager vs "Filthy" Tom Lawlor ended in chaos with no real winner determined.

On this week's episode: Su Yung and Zeda make their presence known once again. Jimmy Havoc and Tom Lawlor tear each other apart and the MLW Championship is on the line when Shane Strickland faces Low Ki.

Kiki Roberts vs Kahuna Khan

They got as far as a handshake and the lights went red. Then Su Yung and Zeda Zhang came out. They destroyed both guys in the prospect match. It was a very cool visual as the red lights and Su Yung's music continued throughout the beating.

- The Dirty Blondes and Parrow were walking backstage when they approached Fred Yehi. The Stud Stable surrounded Yehi and got in his face asking him if he wanted trouble. Then Filthy Tom and Simon Gotch walked in and The Stud Stable took off. Filthy said they have Yehi's back and then they gave him a Team Filthy jacket which he accepted.

"Filthy" Tom Lawler vs Jimmy Havoc

This match got a little insane. It was billed as a grudge match. They let the crowd really soak this match in before they got going. They soon spilled out into the crowd and started fighting among the fans. Tom cut his back on one of the chairs he toppled over. Then they made their way back to the ring.

Havoc put a large piece of wood in the ring and grabbed a cheese grater that they keep around the ring for some reason. Tom got the grater and went to town on Havoc's forehead.

Tom tried to break Jimmy's arm by wrapping it around a chair in a submission hold. Havoc fought back and grabbed a staple gun but Tom turned it around and got Havoc in the forehead with the construction tool. Then he stapled a piece of paper to his forehead. Tony Schiavone said he was really digging it.

Havoc used the cheese grater on Filthy's nether region and grabbed a chair. Havoc set up some chairs while he bled all over the place. Then he sent Lawlor though the chairs for a two count. Tom grabbed the board and set it up on the turnbuckle. Then he grabbed Jimmy and slapped him in the face before kicking him down. Tom got Havoc in a chokehold but Jimmy grabbed the paper from his pocket and gave Filthy a papercut in between his fingers. Everyone winced at the papercut spot. Then Havoc did it again. To top it off, he grabbed a lemon and squeezed it on Tom's papercut hand.

Havoc grabbed a pizza cutter as Schiavone said they're starting to go too far. Tom grabbed Havoc and hit a backbreaker on the chair that was on its side. Brutal. Havoc returned with a discus forearm and a clothesline for the win.

Winner: Jimmy Havoc

- Sami Callihan cut a backstage promo saying he attacked Shane Strickland backstage. It was him. He said he made Shane everything he is today. He did it for the money. He's done being the guy who gets friends because he wants money now. Strickland is not on Sami's level and he never will be. He said he loved Stickland like a little brother but this is past family. It's about him ending Strickland.

- Barrington Hughes was backstage and Strickland walked up saying he knew how they were going to take care of Sami Callihan and his Death Machines.

- Low Ki was backstage and Selina De La Renta walked up with a briefcase saying she had 60,000 reasons why he should win. Low Ki said the reason they call him The Professional is because he gets the job done ten out of ten times.

- Jimmy Havoc is in the emergency room. They will update us on his status. He's fine. But he did scare some people.

Shane Strickland vs Low Ki - MLW World Heavyweight Championship Match

Shane took the fight to Low Ki fro the beginning and Low Ki sold around the ring for a bit. Then Low Ki came back with some kicks and he choked Shane out in the corner. Low Ki hit a loud chop and sent Swerve to the ground.

Low Ki kept beating on Strickland and he was slow and methodical about it. Suddenly, Swerve sent Low Ki over the ropes to the ground. Strickland followed by hitting a flipping handstand on the apron into a head scissors takedown.

Shane got Low Ki back in the ring and riped Low Ki's button up shirt open. He landed some mounted punches in the corner and moves out of the way from a charge by Low Ki. Shane hit a suplex but didn't cover for the pin. Shane hit a powerbomb into a catapult but Low Ki stopped himself in the corner and landed a double stomp for a near fall.

Shane landed a couple kicks to take Low Ki down. Then Shane went for a roll through cutter but Shane blocked it... then Strickland tired again and hit it for a two count. Strickland climbed up top for a Swervestomp but Low Ki moved and Shane sold his knee on the landing.

Low Ki took Shane down with a clubbing blow to the back of the head, then paced around the champion. Low Ki landed the Switchblade Kick. 1-2-3 and Low Ki is new MLW World Heavyweight Champion.

Winner: Low Ki

After the match was over, Selina De La Renta got in the ring with a briefcase presumably full of the $60,000 bounty. Low Ki raised the briefcase above his head and Selina raised the belt before they walked away.


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