Braun Strowman On If NXT Is Outshining The Main WWE Roster

Braun Strowman is a one-time Raw Tag Team Champion alongside Nicholas, but his current ownership of WWE's Money In The Bank contract could translate to a much bigger title as long as the Universal Champion is around.

Strowman signed with WWE in early 2013 and used his time in NXT to transition from strongman to professional wrestler. He doesn't know who might be the next big addition to the main roster from developmental, and he doesn't see anyone in NXT "outshining" the main roster.

SPN Action recently spoke to Strowman while he was doing press in India and The Monster Among Men was asked about the Superstars currently working in WWE's developmental system. NXT is packed with talent, but so is the main roster and he brought up that fact. With so many moving pieces in NXT, it can be difficult to predict anything which Strowman realizes because he went through it.

"You know it's hard to tell," Strowman responded when asked what NXT Superstar will make the biggest difference on the main roster. "Because we're so studded right now on the main roster that there's a lot of talented athletes in NXT, but what they have down there right now, I don't see anything outshining [what] we have on the main roster.

"Everybody's trying to make it through a hole this big," Strowman continued as he held his fingers up in the shape of a circle to illustrate his point. "Everybody's in a huge funnel in developmental. I was in it at one point and you're just swirling around trying to get through that tiny hole."

Strowman didn't see a run on NXT television before being called up to the main roster as Bray Wyatt's surprising addition to the Wyatt Family in August 2015. He is currently the Monster In The Bank after capturing a guaranteed contract for the Universal Title at the Money In The Bank pay-per-view event.

As Strowman carries the Money In The Bank contract, fans wonder when he will cash it in. The current Universal Champion Brock Lesnar isn't around much so that is a definite hindrance for Strowman's cash-in plans as well.

"You know right now, you know it's about when and if Brock shows up to work," Strowman replied. "That's the big deal for me."

Strowman is the 19th man to carry WWE's Money In The Bank contract and each Superstar before has carved out their own path. He isn't in any hurry to cash in his contract, but he left the door wide open for an unexpected moment. Strowman also didn't seem worried about the idea of Kevin Owens taking his Money In The Bank briefcase in their upcoming SummerSlam encounter.

"I'm in no rush, I've got this thing it's not going anywhere. Nobody's taking this from me, so when I'm ready [I'll cash it in]," Strowman said.

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