Cody Rhodes And Juice Robinson Trade Words, NJPW President Comments On Bullet Club Criticism, Okada

- Above, Cody challenged IWGP United States Champion Juice Robinson during the NJPW G1 Climax Finals. In the post-show interviews, Cody pumped himself (and Adam Page) up and wasn't impressed by Robinson's improvement, even noting that Robinson took Dusty Rhodes' classes in NXT. Robinson returned fire that Cody can't talk when he hasn't been in NJPW's G1 Climax, grinding it out for the past month.

"Beating me is one thing, don't insult me," Robinson said. "Don't insult me in front of my people. These are my people. These are not your people. You are never here! You haven't been here the last four weeks with us 20 that have been going at it, every single night for a month in the G1. A Block and B Block, no, you weren't here. Where were you? I know exactly where you were, you were doing a TV show."

- CMLL announced Kazuchika Okada will be on their August 17 card where he will team up with Ultimo Guerrero and Negro Casas against Caristico, Mistico, and El Valiente. Okada has worked with CMLL when they toured Japan, but this will be his first match for CMLL in Mexico.

- NJPW President Harold Meij put out his latest column (translation by Chris Charlton) and spoke about fans' concerns that NJPW was becoming too much like "American wrestling" with his involvement of tossing out the Bullet Club OGs during the G1 Climax B Block finals. If you missed it, Meij ended up leading the charge of sending the group out of the arena, so they wouldn't get involved in any important tournament matches. Meij said he "never planned" on being involved and only has intentions of being an executive for the company. You can check out the segment in the video below.


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