Kurt Angle Comments On Brock Lesnar's Attack On RAW: "I Will Eventually Get Him Back"

Kurt Angle did another fan Q&A on his Facebook page, below are some of the highlights:

Will Brock Lesnar face any consequences for his F-5 on you?

"I'm a forgiving man, but I also pick my spots when I retaliate. I will eventually get him back. Or, I could just suspend him after he loses the title at [SummerSlam]. We will see. And he will lose the title. My money is on Roman [Reigns]."

Do you have another run as WWE Champion?

"I hope so. That's up to the powers that be. I'm healthy right now. Ready to go if I get called on."

Which current WWE Superstar would you like to face that you competed against in TNA?

"[Samoa] Joe, [Bobby] Roode, or AJ [Styles]. I've always felt that those three were the best of the best. I hope I get another crack at all of them!"

When will Finn Balor get some gold around his waist?

"Soon. I think the company wanted to see how durable he was. He's ready now."

Where is John Cena?

"I don't know. I think he had a couple of TV shows and movies he was working on. Don't forget how consistent John was for 15 years. If he's taking a break from WWE he deserves it."


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