Miz And Mrs. S1 E3 Recap: The Miz Gets Sticker-Shock When He Sees The Date Night Bill

As he continues his quest to become a "certified super-dad" -- and the best father ever in the WWE -- The Miz continues his fatherhood foibles with his long-suffering wife, Maryse. But as Miz and Mrs. S3 E3 showed, they're still having a blast getting to know each other as parents...which makes them all the more endearing.

The only thing that can best The Miz, in real life, is a complicated car seat, and anyone who's ever been a parent can relate to his struggle. What most parents can't relate to, though, is the fact that The Miz may have to miss his baby's birth because of WrestleMania. (Ultimately, though, we know that he's able to do both WrestleMania and the delivery room, because Maryse scheduled a C-section, but it's still funny to watch him b---h and moan that he may not be able to be in the room with his daughter and wife because he has to run around a wrestling ring acting like a better-looking Donald Trump fan...)

You can't help but cheer Maryse on as she threatens him with life and limb if he doesn't put in even a token appearance in the delivery room when baby Monroe makes her debut. Even Mocha the dog has an opinion on the matter. Get'em, Mocha!

Meanwhile, should something happen to baby Monroe and she'd need infant CPR, she has both her daddy -- who got certified backstage at a wrestling show -- and her uncle Dolph Ziggler to come and save her, because "Uncle Dolph" helped daddy along with his certification. But she can't rely on grandma Marjo, because she fell asleep during the class. Still, grandma Marjo doesn't have to stay awake for that sort of thing, because she's grandma, and because she's Marjo, and Marjo DGAF. If the suits at USA have a half-brain, they'll give Marjo her own show, even if they don't renew Miz and Mrs. (though, really, they should, as this show is infinitely more enjoyable than this past season of Total Nikki Bella and John Cena...)

Maryse is eating everything in sight, because she's "only pregnant for nine months" (dear God, woman, do you want it longer?!), and she's in fact eating so much that The Miz (who isn't hurting for cash) got sticker-shock when he saw the bill for the date night black truffle pasta (which, admittedly, sounds like a good dish -- though, arguably, not $650 worth of good -- and $650 is super-high, even for L.A. prices). And The Miz's suggestion that he just put the truffles in the Velveeta mac'n'cheese is straight out of the trailer park playbook, though it might be something folks would eat at Mar-a-Lago while calling it "fancy" and "high class." (The Miz realizes this, too, and delivers the line with a nod and a wink, thus breaking the fourth wall for what seems like the umpteenth time in this limited series...but it works to great effect.)

Still, Miz would do well to remember that Maryse is, for now, eating for two, and baby Monroe needs to fatten up as much as she can...even if Maryse's doctor put the kibosh on her eating pasta all day, every day, since she's putting on too much weight for the pregnancy and no one wants gestational diabeetus. BUMMER!

There was really only one time, throughout the episode, where "The Miz" put in an appearance -- "when my hand goes up, your mouth goes shut!" is one of the most common lines that he uses in the ring, and he used it when Maryse's ring got stuck on her finger and he had to hold her hand over her head.

(There was also Marjo's imitation of "The Miz" during infant CPR class, where this line was featured, and as usual, Marjo steals the show in her own hilarious, over-the-top way. Perhaps it's because she's innately aware of the over-the-top nature of wrestling, itself, that makes her such a great fit for this show -- and the WWE cross-promo, combined with the show's lead-in from SmackDown Live, makes it all the more perfect and seamless.)

So, in summary: Miz and Mrs. is a hit and woefully limited, let Maryse eat her damn $650 pasta in peace, and #TeamMarjo 4EVA.


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