MLW: Fusion Results (8/24): Jake Hager Vs. Tom Lawlor, Teddy Hart In Action, Simon Gotch

It's time for another action-packed episode of MLW: Fusion. Thank you for checking out the coverage on Wrestling Inc. You can check out MLW: Fusion on BEin Sports Fridays at 8pm. Each new episode of MLW: Fusion is available worldwide 6:05 pm Saturday nights on their official YouTube channel.

- On last week's episode: The MLW Tag Team Titles were successfully defended when Pentagon Jr. and Fenix defeated Rich Swann and ACH. Fred Yehi and Simon Gotch defeated The Dirty Blondes and Ricky Martinez made a successful debut.

- The show started with a promo with "Filthy" Tom Lawlor promising to put Jake Hager in the glue factory.

Vandal Ortagun vs Teddy Hart

Hart took advantaged Ortagun motioning to the crowd and jumped him to fire down strikes and slow the match down with a few methodical and punishing maneuvers. Teddy got Ortagun in an electric chair drop into a lungblower but he did not go for the pin. Instead, he focused on Vandal's arm. He got Ortagun into a standing arm submission and hit a DDT from there.

Then Teddy Hart hit another electric chair drop into a lungblower for the win. This was a very one-sided contest.

Winner: Teddy Hart

Simon Gotch vs Angel Pierce - Simon Gotch's Prizefight Challenge

Gotch said he's going for another prizefight challenge and this time it's for a whopping $500. If his challenger can last five minutes, then the money is his. Angel Pierce answered the challenge who came out wearing boxing gloves and had a corner trainer like it was a boxing match.

Pierce kept his gloves on and Gotch started kicking him and hit a Gotch Piledriver for the win. It lasted less than a minute.

Winner: Simon Gotch

Jimmy Yuta vs. Jason Cade

Team TBD is no more and now the former partners are battling. Yuta kicked Cade as soon as the bell sounded and kept the pressure on his partner. Cade escaped to the outside and Yuta hit a suicide dive before they started fighting in the crowd for a bit.

Yuta hit a flying double axhandle for a two count and slammed Cade down. Jason used the referee as a shield for a moment and then he turned things around for himself. Jason kicked Yuta and kept his former partner down by pulling at his hair and slamming his head into the mat to draw heat from the crowd.

Yuta came back for a bit but caught a kick to the face followed by another kick. Jason stood on Cade's back and pressed down until the referee stopped him. Then Cade slapped on a rear chinlock until Cade created some separation. After a couple crisscrossing on the ropes, Yuta nailed a clothesline followed by a missile dropkick.

Jimmy Yuta locked a modified STF on Jason Cade, but he couldn't pull off a submission. Suddenly, Cade hit a reverse death valley driver for a two count and Yuta tried to hulk up. Yuta reversed a move from Cade and then stopped him on the top rope. Yuta hit a superplex on Cade but neither man could get try for a pinfall.

They traded shots in the middle of the ring and looked exhausted. Suddenly, Yuta hit one strong shot to put Cade down. The referee went to check on Cade and he pushed Yuta off. Jimmy started to look worries as the referee rolled Cade out of the ring.

Suddenly, Rhett Giddins ran in the ring and hit a clothesline and Jason Cade magically got better and scored the pinfall.

Winner: Jason Cade

- Backstage Kevin Sullivan wanted to talk to Teddy Hart and the Hart Foundation. Sullivan said Hart was blackballed everywhere he went. Davey Boy asked Kevin why he was talking about dead people. Sullivan said "this is Brian Pillman Jr." and suddenly they all got upset. Hart said Sullivan didn't do s*** in the ring and he told Pillman he had to pick a side right now, either the Hart Foundation or Kevin Sullivan.

Then Hart said this isn't twenty years ago and he beat Sullivan down. Davey Boy helped too and Sullivan ended up bleeding during the spot. Then they convinced Pillman to smash him with a cane. "I said I respected you, Kevin, I never said I liked you," Pillman Jr said.

Jake Hager vs "Filthy" Tom Lawlor

They started off slow as Tony Schiavone said this is MMA vs Bellaton in an MLW ring. Hager tried to take Lawlor down, but Tom fought back up. Jake muscled Tom into the corner and Lawlor turned it around and tried to lock Jake into the corner, but Jake used his size advantage to regain control.

Jake punched Tom down in the corner and flung him across the ring. Hager caught a headlock until Tom slammed him down and hit a suplex followed by a back heelkick off the ropes for a near fall.

Jake tried to mount Jake in the corner and rain down punches, but Hager dropped him to the outside where he followed and the two fought there for a bit. Jake maintained control as he bounced Lawlor's head off the apron before rolling him back in the ring. When they got back in, Hager locked on another submission hold until Tom fought back out and then Hager nailed a knee to the head for a two count.

Hager stomped away at Lawlor and hit a suplex before locking on another submission hold. Tom fought back with a discus clothesline, but Jake came back and nailed a Hager Bomb for a near fall.

Hager placed Lawlor on the top rope and climbed up to join him. Tom and Jake fought for position on top and Tom knocked Jake down before Lawlor locked him in an arm submission using the ropes for leverage. Lawlor returned to the ring and locked on a submission, but Hager rollled outside with Tom attached to him to break up the hold. They started fighting on the outside where Tom hit several kicks whole Jake was stuck in a chair.

The crowd was chanting "filthy" as Tom's back started to bleed. Something cut him open but it wasn't totally sure. Tom hit a German suplex in the ring followed by an exploder suplex, but Jake fought off a rear naked choke. Tom hit a pump handle suplex and then he tried for the chokehold again. Col Parker yelled on the outside for the referee to break up the chokehold, but Hager fought out the best he could. Suddenly, Hager transitioned into an ankle lock and Tom was in pain.

After selling the move for a bit, Lawlor got to the bottom rope, but Hager mounted him and started pounding away with elbows and punches.Lawlor hit a thumb to the eye and rolled Hager up for a three count.

Winner:"Filthy" Tom Lawlor

It looks like Team Filthy's feud with The Stud Stable is over.


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