Nia Jax Responds To Luke Gallows "Split", Samoa Joe On Having Doubts About Making It To WWE, Naomi

- Samoa Joe was recently interviewed by Sky Sports before last Sunday's SummerSlam pay-per-view. During the interview, Joe was asked if he had doubts if he would ever make it to WWE.

"It wasn't a doubt that I wrestled with," Joe daid. "Was it a doubt? Sure, but it wasn't something I was sitting at home worrying about. I've always made my opportunities, I've never been one to wait for them and sit around waiting for something to happen. I've always sought them out.

"It was the same thing with WWE. There were a lot of people making the connection and we came to a great agreement."

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- As we noted yesterday, Luke Gallows tweeted that he was in a relationship with Nia Jax. The tweet got some mainstream media, as The Sun ran a story here about the alleged couple. Gallows and Jax were apparently just trolling fans as they "broke up" later that evening. You can check out the entirety of their relationship below.

Ash P contributed to this article.


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