Bad Luck Fale spoke with New Japan Pro Wrestling on the Bullet Club's initial heat from fans, Kenny Omega as leader, and the future of the group. Here are some of the highlights:

Initially a group comprised of international wrestlers, if the Bullet Club's heat was racially motivated:

"No, the heat wasn't racial. Foreigners always have a tough time in Japan. Doesn't matter if you speak Japanese or if you have family members here, it's always an upward battle the heat that we got was purely wrestling. The passion and the drama that we had and the people had for pro wrestling."

Kenny Omega as the Bullet Club leader:

"I don't blame Kenny. He's used to focusing on himself, and he took things in a direction that he believed was right. At the same time though, it went against what we had been building for years. It felt like what we had wasn't there anymore. That brotherhood wasn't there anymore."

Bullet Club coming back together as one group:

"I don't think that we're ever going to come back together. Our views of how to take the group forward are too different at this point. The end goal for me is to still be here in ten years. Whatever happens to the Club, it's not something I really think about. The end goal is for us to work together and still be here in another five, ten years from now."

Fale also discussed more about the early days of the Bullet Club and AJ Styles. You can check out the full interview by clicking here.