Baron Corbin Talks Differences Between RAW And SmackDown Brands, Trolling People On Twitter

Acting Raw General Manager Baron Corbin got a new look recently. His hairline was always something fans liked to have fun with before Corbin shaved his head. In an interview with Inside The Ropes, he said when he was approached with the idea to change his look, he gladly accepted it.

"I love it," Corbin said. "I've wanted to do it for a year. I've been asking for permission to do it for a year and it just wasn't the time. Then Vince [McMahon] finally said 'lets shave your head,' and I said 'done.' I couldn't get to the chair fast enough. It was so long and I was getting tired of dealing with it. It just wasn't for me anymore. I think that this was a good step for me and it feels great. I love it."

Corbin is a very active troll on twitter. He has certainly made some notable jabs at fans on twitter and explained why he has fun doing it.

"Sometimes people say things and they're lobbing a softball and you can hit it out of the park," Corbin said. "If people want to spend their day, like, I just can't fathom how people spend their day being so negative all the time. That's what twitter is, a very negative place. So I like to entertain myself. There are a lot of long car rides. A lot of plane rides. And that's usually peoples response when I destroy them. They're like 'Oh, you must care because you're doing it.' And I'm just like, no. I'm bored at being at an airport because I'm delayed for two hours. It entertains me to wreck your world."

Before he came to the Raw, Corbin was on the SmackDown roster. When asked about the difference between the two brands, the most notable difference he said was the schedule.

"There is a difference," Corbin said. "The locker room is different. The atmosphere is different. What threw me off the most was having to work on Fridays now. Because I go Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday. Then I go home on Tuesday. For the longest time I was doing Saturday, Sunday, Monday and Tuesday. That was honestly the biggest transition was figuring my week out based on the days I was home and the days I was on the road. The three hours is a little bit of a transition as well. It's exciting though. It's fun to have change."

You can watch the full interview with Corbin in the video above.

If you use any of the quotes in this article, please credit Inside The Ropes with a h/t to Wrestling Inc. for the transcription.


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