Tommy Dreamer On How 'All In' Compared To The Early Stages Of ECW

Tommy Dreamer was a guest on the Sunday Night's Main Event podcast to discuss his role in the All In pay-per-view. Dreamer stated that he was contacted by Cody Rhodes in May about going to the ring with him for his NWA World Heavyweight Championship match, and he confirmed.

Dreamer added that he was touched when he watched the Ten Pounds of Gold episode where it was referenced that Dusty Rhodes once stated that he only has five friends and three of them are pro wrestlers. In addition to being asked to be in Cody's corner, he also assumed the role of helping out backstage, as well as being in charge of the Over-Budget battle royal.

"I guess I kind of took control about that battle royal and kind of helped with agenting it and putting everyone's ideas together," said Dreamer. "Something like that was for everybody to be spotlighted. Being on I think it was WGN America, we just really wanted to do something different, and it worked. It worked 100 percent. I was as proud as could be to be in it, and happy a lot of people were ranting and raving over it because I too felt like everything was going phenomenal."

Dreamer was also asked about how the vision of Cody and the Young Bucks compared to the days of ECW.

"It was just people wanted to see something different," said Dreamer. "Now I would say Cody and the Bucks did, it was a great one-time show, hopefully they decide to do another, and, you know, we can see where it goes. Big props to Ring of Honor for helping with all of that, and you know the other end of that spectrum is Ring of Honor just sold out Madison Square Garden without announcing a match.

"Opposite NXT, fans want to see a variety, fans want to see something different. I've always known that, always supported that, and between Ring of Honor, the All Ins, the House of Hardcores, Impact Wrestling, Lucha Underground, you have a variety of stuff. And, that's what people want to see, variety."

Dreamer also admitted that the "ECW!" chants are both a blessing and a curse at this stage of his tenure, but the hardcore style is the only style that he's known throughout his career. Dreamer still loves performing, but he also loves helping the next generation of talent and producing.

If any portion of these quotes is used, please be sure to credit Sunday Night's Main Event with a h/t to Wrestling Inc. for the transcription.

Source: Sunday Night's Main Event


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