Becky Lynch Talks About Passionate Fanbase, Alexa Bliss On Her Tough Journey To Evolution, WWE Shop

- Above is more from WWE SmackDown Women's Champion Becky Lynch's WWE Evolution Diary. Lynch talks about her passionate fanbase as we see her head to a fan signing in New York City before her Last Woman Standing title match against Charlotte.

- WWE Shop's latest sale is 25% off orders. There's no discount code needed, simply click here to receive the savings. The sale ends tonight at 11:59pm PT.

- Below are more interviews with Natalya, Alexa Bliss, and Sonya Deville about tomorrow's Evolution PPV. Bliss talked about her battle to get to where she is now in WWE.

"My journey here has been a fight, I struggled with self-image issues growing up that almost took my life," Bliss said. "Fought through that, came to NXT, never stepped foot in a ring and learned from the best in Sara Amato. She'd given me the confidence to succeed, and fast forward, five-time champion. I'm still evolving, my journey is still going, and Evolution is a celebration of everyone's journey to get here."


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