Becky Lynch Talks Roman Reigns Announcement, 'Mania Outfit Not Getting Approved, Ideal Male Opponent

Earlier today, WWE SmackDown Women's Champion Becky Lynch joined a "Ask Me Anything" on Reddit where she answered questions from the fans. Here are some of the highlights:

What is your opinion on Ronda Rousey being the champion on Raw and will we ever see you two square off?

"Ronda's jaw is always running but my fist is itching to catch up with her. Charlotte first, and then I'll plan my next move. But I've said it before: Ronda reminds me of a slot machine -- the harder you kick her, the more money falls out."

What did you first think when Roman Reigns made his announcement on Raw?

"My heart dropped for him. When anybody thinks of Roman, they think of one of the strongest and healthiest men on the planet. He's also the toughest and I know he'll beat it."

What was your most emotional match in WWE?

"It was SummerSlam -- all the anger and frustration just peaked after the bell and I reached as far down into myself as I could to slap Charlotte, and then came the cheers. I was ready to go where I was going without the audience, but I was ecstatic they wanted to come with me."

What are some things on your WWE career bucket list?

"My goal is to revisit all the people who did me dirty over the years. I've got them saved to memory and I don't care if it takes me jumping rosters or it takes me the rest of my career -- all they need to know is I'm coming."

What are your fondest memories of Dusty Rhodes?

"Dusty always believed in me and encouraged me no matter how wacky my ideas were, and my ideas were wacky. His last words to me were 'Shut up, Becky' and I couldn't ask for more perfect last words."

Do you miss Talking Smack as an outlet to further develop your character?

"I do, but I just decided to talk smack everywhere else now."

If WWE did intergender matches who would be your pick?

"Seth Rollins."

Can you tell us the story behind the mechanical wings you were filmed wearing a few years back?

"I had them made in advance of WrestleMania. Unfortunately the finished product was not pre-approved and I wasn't able to wear them out, lest there be mechanical errors."

You can check out all of Lynch's answers by clicking here.


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