Impact Wrestling Results (10/25): Johnny Impact's 1st Title Defense, OGz Attack, More

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Impact Wrestling kicks off with a recap of last week's post-Bound For Glory edition.

Scarlett Bourdeux starts the show off by coming to the ring. Shortly after Trevor Lee is introduced, he enters the ring where Scarlett is still posing. Sami Callihan is the next man out and is joined by the Crist Brothers.

Trevor Lee vs. Sami Callihan

Callihan blindsides Lee just before the bell rings. Lee goes down in the corner where Callihan beats him down with kicks and punches. Callihan plays to the crowd and is caught with a dropkick from Lee when he turns around. Lee is in control and shoots Callihan off the ropes, Callihan reverses it and one of the Crists grabs Lee by the ankle as he bounces off the rope.

Callihan has Lee in the corner and dishes out a chop. Callihan moves Lee to the middle rope and begins to choke him on it. After a big blow across the back Lee is now laid out in the middle of the ring and is taking kicks from Callihan. Lee gets to his feet and the two exchange heavy hands in the middle of the ring.

Lee with a big kick to the back of the head of Callihan. Lee charges Callihan with a leap and is caught in a Death Valley Driver by Callihan. Callihan with a reverse chin lock and takes Lee to the mat. Scarlett watches on from her padded chair at the top of the tamp.

Lee finally gets Callihan off him and reverts to a corner. Callihan is on him and catches him with a draping reverse DDT off the rope. Callihan and Scarlett exchange looks. Callihan looks in the camera and says, "It's time to send a message." Callis says that is a message to Brian Cage. Lee with a school boy and Callihan kicks out.

Scarlett begins to leave the entrance ramp, apparently upset. Lee gets to his feet and punches Jake Crist off the ring apron. Lee then goes to the top rope and hits a moonsault to the outside on Dave Crist. Lee on the apron begins to hype up and goes to the top rope. Callihan gets to his feet and Crist hits Lee from behind sending him crashing off the top rope. Callihan hits his Cactus Special Piledriver for the win.

Winner: Sami Callihan via pinfall

Brian Cage comes out following the match and powerbombs Jake into Dave Crist. Callihan enters the ring with a ball bat, goes to hit Cage and Cage easily disarms him. Cage has the ball bat and offers it back to Callihan. Callihan accepts it, looks at it and then Cage hits his F-5. The Crists pull Callihan from the ring as Cage stands tall.

King is shown in the back screaming about "the old man". He's told that the boss says he can't touch Konnan. King gets hit with an idea. He says that there is maybe a way they can touch Konnan's boys.

Gama Singh is shown in the back. Rohit Raju is massing him while he works out. Gama tells Rohit that they will face off tonight.

Eli Drake walks into the broadcast area where Josh Mathews and Don Callis are. Eli says the beauty of lawsuits is that they aren't personal but invites Callihan to be his guest. Callihan leaves the broadcast area and Eli takes his headphones. Mathews notes that Drake does have a pending lawsuit against Impact.

The Heavenly Bodies come to the ring. Desirable Dustin and Gigalo Justin comprise the Heavenly Bodies. LAX, Santana and Ortiz, is out next led by Konnan.

The Heavenly Bodies vs Impact Wrestling Tag Team Champions LAX

Lots of quick back and forth between Sanata and one of the Heavenly Bodies. Ortiz tags in for a tag team maneuver. LAX is decidedly in control. One of The Heavenly Bodies gathers some steam and begins to beat on Ortiz.

Ortiz is in the corner and The Heavenly Bodies exchange a quick tag. Ortiz is shot into the corner and dodges a big splash. Santana gets tagged in and sends one of THB to the outside. THB gets rolled in and hit by a moonsault, leg drop combo by LAX. Kick out.

Santana goes for a springboard onto one of THB and is caught for a slam. Near fall but Santana kicks out. Santana is put on the top tunbuckle by THB but Ortiz cuts it off. Ortiz and Santana hit a top rope Blockbuster variation for the win.

Winners: LAX by pinfall

Tessa Blanchard is shown in the back ragging on Taya Valkyrie. She says that she will face Taya again next week in any kind of match that she wants. Taya says she'll see her next Thursday.

Matt Sydal and Ethan Page confront LAX backstage and say they are not afraid of them. Konnan says they have consumed hallucinogenic mushrooms or whatever they like to consume. Ortiz calls them scrubs and LAX leaves.

Moose is backstage being interviews with Killer Kross. Moose is in all tight black leather. Kross says that he is a "freight train of annihilation and the destination is Doomsday."

Impact throws to a package featuring Fenix describing his passion for lucha libre. He mention Lucha Underground and how Konnan is a big part of his life. Fenix says that he looks forward to battling Johnny Impact tonight for the Impact Wrestling Championship.

Willie Mack and Rich Swann are seen in the back drinking cocktails and recalling their recent bouts. Willie says that while Rich brought him in as backup Willie wants his debut match against Rich. They cheers and the match is on for next week.

Gama Singh comes to the ring to wrestle for the first time in years. Gama gives himself a big match intro reliving all of his accomplishments from years ago. He then casually says his opponent will be Rohit Raju.

Gama Singh vs. Rohit Raju

After a brief lockup Gama sends Rohit into the corner. Rohit calls for another lockup and Gama synches in a side headlock while pulling Rohit's hair. Gama lets Rohit go and gives him a thumb to the eye. Rohit confronts Gama in the middle of the ring and Gama slaps him. Rohit grabs Gama by the hand before another slap and is attacked by a new wrestler from behind. Gama pats the new wrestler on the shoulder, pins Rohit and the new wrestler counts the pin.

Winner: Gama Singh?

Rohit confronts Gama and Gama pulls him in for a hug. This new wrestler seems to be a part of their group despite the attack.

Johnny Impact is in the back getting interviewed. Johnny says that Fenix is family but tonight they will be fighting for the biggest prize in Impact Wrestling.

Scarlett Bordeaux is shown in a bathtub talking about how she wants to review your videos. A montage is shown of various fans trying to impress (?) Scarlett.

Fallah Bahh and KM both come out dressed as sumo wrestlers. Moose and Killer Kross are out next. Moose is in red silk, not leather.

Fallah Bahh & KM vs Moose & Killer Kross

KM starts off by yelling at Moose. Moose hits KM in the face and the two exchange punches. KM with a shoulder tackle to Moose. KM on top of Moose in the full mount with punches. Moose gets to his feet and goes for the eyes of KM. Kross is tagged in and Kross quickly goes after him. Kross transitions to the top and throws an elbow to the face of KM. Kross whips KM around by the neck and Fallah barely tags in. Fallah beats Kross to the ground with KM and then hits a splash.

Fallah points to KM and asks him to gator roll over Kross, which he does. Kross tags in Moose who is also taken down quick by KM and Fallah. Fallah goes back and forth on the ropes before driving his toe into the mouth of Moose. Moose to the outside and KM hits a plancha onto Moose and Kross on the outside. Fallah joins the fray, diving off the apron onto Moose and KM. Kross is on the ropes and Fallah is pounding him with lariats while he's on the ropes.

Kross powers out and tags in Moose. Moose goes right after Fallah. Moose with big clubbing blows to the back of Fallah's head. Moose muscles Fallah into the corner and chokes him. Fallah is slow to his feet and Moose greets him with chops in the corner. More chops from Moose. Moose calls Fallah "A fat piece of sh*t". Fallah freaks out and goes after Moose.

Moose with a big boot. Fallah wobbles off the ropes and falls into a big clothesline. KM asks for the tag and Fallah goes to pick Moose up instead. Moose bites Fallah and tags in Kross. Kross goes to town with knees to the face of Fallah. Kross with an armbar and Fallah gets to the ropes. Kross tags in Moose.

Moose kicks Fallah in the back. Moose taunts the crowd and hits Fallah about the face. Fallah starts the "Bah!" chant and starts to power up. Fallah and Moose exchange punches mid-ring. Moose off the ropes and Fallah hits a belly-to-belly suplex. Fallah goes for the tag and Kross hits KM in the corner. Fallah with a samoan drop on Kross. Both men down and EDDIE EDWARDS ATTACKS MOOSE! Moose is taken out of the arena via kendo stick.

KM sends Fallah crashing into Kross in the corner, Kross dodges and Fallah is sent to the outside. Kross grabs KM with his chokehold and KM is out.

Winner: Killer Kross via submission

Post-match Kross goes off into the crowd looking for Moose.

Moose is shown on the roof of the building beating Eddie Edwards with a kendo stick. Moose sends Eddie crashing into one of the walls of the rooftop patio area. Moose says he is going to send Eddie flying. Eddie grabs the kendo stick and beats Moose in the face. Moose retreats out the door to roof, closing it behind him and locking Eddie on the roof.

GWN Flashback Moment of the Week: Kevin Nash and Sting vs AJ Styles and Samoa Joe from 2008

Hype package for Jordynne Grace is shown with her working out in the gym. Jordynne is coming soon.

Eddie Edwards is shown on the roof talking to the kendo stick. Eddie's wife Alisha comes in upset that he's talking to him. Eddie kisses Alisha and then takes off.

Kiera Hogan comes to the ring accompanied by Allie. Su Yung begins to walk to the ring but is attacked by Hogan.

Kiera Hogan vs Su Yung

Yung is thrown to the corner and Hogan repeatedly throws herself at her. Yung is whipped to the middle of the ring and kicked in the face by Hogan. Yung is down but manages to get the upper hand and tosses Hogan to the corner. Yung ties Hogan up in the tree of woe and kicks Hogan repeatedly. Yung picks Hogan up for a neckbreaker off the top rope. Yung pulls her disgusting glove out for the mandible claw but Hogan blocks it. Hogan kicks Yung in the chest sending Yung to the corner. Yung falls in the middle of the ring and Hogan goes to pick her up. Yung send Hogan over the top rope to the entrance ramp.

Yung sets up Hogan on her shoulders and Allie pulls Hogan off of Yung. Yung stares at Allie and Allie begins to backtrack. Yung and Hogan battle back into the ring. Yung grabs Hogan as she enters and hits her with a double underhook suplex off the middle rope.

Winner: Su Yung by pinfall

Impact World Championship: Johnny Impact (c) vs Fenix

Fenix and Johnny start the match by shaking hands. The crowd is decidedly behind Johnny. The two exchange some quick chain wrestling.

Another round of lock ups result in these two exchanging control. Johnny shoots Fenix into he corner, Fenix floats over and the two tun back and forth across the ropes until Johnny lands a big shot.

Fenix gathers himself and the two stare down in the middle of the ring. Dueling chants for Johnny and Fenix break out. Another lockup and Johnny takes down Fenix into a side headlock. Fenix rolls out, kips up and another face off.

Fenix with a big chop and Johnny responds. Johnny shoots off the ropes, Fenix dives at him, Johnny ducks, Fenix winds up on the outside and Johnny on his feet.

Fenix dives in and goes for the pin. Johnny kicks out and it looks like Johnny may have tweaked his knee going into commercial.

We're back and Fenix is going for a school boy. Johnny kicks out and synchs in a crossface. Fenix tries to muscle to his feet but Johnny plants him back down. Fenix clubs his way out and hits a big chop on Impact. Fenix grabs Johnny by the hands, runs up the ropes and hits a hurricanrana off the top rope for a two count. The fans chant "This Is Impact".

Johnny rolls to the outside. Fenix calls for a dive to the outside and Johnny pulls out a standing Spanish Fly in the middle of the ring. Fenix pulls Johnny in for a school boy but Fenix rolls out. Johnny shoots Fenix to the corner and the two battle until Fenix floats over into a German suplex. Fenix with a two count.

Johnny flys in out of nowhere with a big knee and Fenix kicks out at two. Fenix is laid out mid-ring and Johnny goes up top. Johnny does a count-down before diving only for Fenix to roll out of the way. Johnny also rolls and grabs Fenix. Fenix and Johnny are both down.

Johnny picks up Fenix and the two go back and forth. Fenix with a burst of energy starts bouncing off the ropes and turnbuckles throwing kicks. Both men are down. The crowd is going wild.

Johnny is in the corner and Fenix rolls in with a big elbow. Johnny climbs to the second turnbuckle and throws a knee. Fenix follows up with a running kick. Johnny is up top and pushes Fenix off. Johnny hits Starship Pain for the win.

Winner: Johnny Impact via pinfall

Johnny poses and gives Fenix a handshake. Johnny leaves the ring pointing at Fenix, nodding approvingly as he leaves.

Out of nowhere King and the OGz attack Fenix. King has a fork? Pentagon runs to the ring and helps run off the OGz.

Killer Kross is in the back and is talking about how he is crazy. He thinks that when he is called crazy he thinks people are telling him he is not intelligent. All paths forward lead to damnation. Matt Sydal is shown laid out in the back.


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