PCO Discusses Why He's Not Interested In A WWE NXT Run

Pierre Carl Ouellet is in the midst of a late career resurgence under the moniker of PCO. The former three-time WWE tag team champion as one half of the Quebecers came back to wrestling in 2016 after a five-year retirement and his PCO character has become a hit on the independent scene.

PCO joined Nick Hausman and our latest WINCLY podcast today where he discussed why his future prospects don't include a run in NXT.

"I'm thinking of something on the big roster with WWE," PCO responded when asked if he would join NXT. "It may take a little bit more time. It may take a few more months or maybe another year. Who knows?"

"I'm not the architect of knowing what the future hold for me. But certainly NXT would be something that would not really interest me. I would rather go to ROH or Impact Wrestling with a great run than just going onto NXT because lately the top guys they've signed like Matt Riddle and Keith Lee... They sign them to maybe six-figure contracts and they just leave them on the shelf. They don't use them that much or it takes 2-3 months just to get started or before they get into a good storyline, or it could even take a year sometimes."

PCO first joined WWE as "Pierre" during the New Generation era and he's had moderate success throughout his career. He's made good money but he says a decent NXT contract isn't what interests him at this point in his career.

"At least the guys [in NXT] are getting paid good money," said PCO. "But in my case it's not about the money, it's about accomplishing something that means something... To me going to NXT wouldn't be the way I envisioned everything. A top 3 or 4 angle in WWE would be a good way to start something pretty big."

PCO went on to talk about how WWE's production could take his character to the next level similarly to how Braun Strowman destroying everything in sight elevated his character. He also talked about the electricity and jumper cable elements of his character would make him a big merch seller.


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