Bruce Prichard Remembers Backstage Reaction To Vince McMahon Peeing His Pants On RAW

One of the most memorable segments in Monday Night Raw history was when Mr. McMahon peed his pants in the middle of the ring. During the Attitude Era, Stone Cold Steve Austin held a pop gun to McMahon's head while he was kneeling and the Chairman of the Board relieved himself due to fear.

Bruce Prichard discussed that angle on the latest edition of the Something to Wrestle podcast.

"There was a segment [of people] loving it, and there was the other segment wondering what the f--- are we doing. It's like, okay, we don't do guns and knives, we don't do that, but now we are going to hold the owner of the company hostage with a gun and then he is going to piss his pants? Hey, it worked, and we are talking about it today so I was wrong, but it was edgy. It was different for that time," stated Prichard.

Just two weeks before that segment aired, McMahon was in another noteworthy angle that had him in a hospital during Raw. He received an unexpected visit from Mankind who tried to cheer him up by creating Mr. Socko, much to the displeasure of Mr. McMahon.

If the official debut of Mr. Socko wasn't enough, McMahon also was paid a visit from Austin who was dressed up as a doctor. Austin proceeded to attack McMahon and knocked him out with a bed pan to cap off the unforgettable segment.

"It was wonderful," said Prichard. "It raised this huge knot on Vince McMahon's head, which was the funniest part of it. That was a Vince McMahon-Vince Russo creation that they went out and did, but so much of that was Mick Foley and his improv of Mr. Socko that he and Al Snow came up with. It was just a goof that they did on camera that Vince McMahon loved and now Mick can't go anywhere without socks. That is some good sh--. When Steve grabbed the bed pan, he grabbed something that was near him so he hit Vince with the bed pan and about killed him."

"No one in a million years would have thought. Frankly, if we had been told, probably to the man, he would have sh-- all over it. It's like, wait a minute, he is going to put a sock that he is going to call Mr. Socko? I would have sh-- on it thinking that it is the stupidest sh-- in my life, and it was and great all at the same time."

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Source: Something To Wrestle with Bruce Prichard

Peter Bahi contributed to this article.


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