Enzo Amore Reveals What Happened With Airplane Incident, Why He's In LA For Survivor Series Weekend

As noted, former WWE Superstar Enzo Amore was booted from a Delta Airlines flight on Thursday after he was vaping on the plane and reportedly would not follow instructions from the crew after being told to stop. The flight was preparing to depart from New York City to Los Angeles but it never got off the ground with Enzo on it. Port Authority Police were called to remove Enzo from the plane but he was never arrested.

Delta issued this statement on the matter after it happened: "A customer was removed from Delta flight 747 operating from New York to Los Angeles for not following crew instructions. The flight returned to the gate at John F. Kennedy International Airport where the customer deplaned without further incident."

In the video above, Enzo told TMZ Sports that he had a run-in with an undercover flight attendant on the plane.

"I believe that was a slight aberration, it was a slight aberration," Enzo said when asked what happened. "I'll tell you what happened. A guy in street clothes came up to me and he said, 'Are you vaping?' And I'm no snitch. Somebody's vaping around me and I'm not saying who it was. Guy comes to me, he's in street clothes, stands over me like he's some sort of f--king honcho. So I said to the guy, 'Are you a federal air Marshall?' He said, 'Mind your own business.' I said, 'I asked you a question - are you a federal air Marshall?' And he said no. So I said, 'In that case, you can go sit the f--k down.' It turns out he was a flight attendant undercover. So they let me slide though, they got me on the next flight. I ain't mad at them, I ain't mad at them."

It's interesting that Enzo said he was allowed on another flight as the original report on Thursday said Delta refused to place Enzo on any of their other flights, forcing him to find another way to Los Angeles. We don't know if he flew out of New York with a different carrier but it's possible.

Enzo also plugged his concert at Whisky a Go Go in West Hollywood this coming Monday night, not far from where WWE will be for the post-Survivor Series RAW at the Staples Center in Los Angeles. Enzo said he came back to Los Angeles for a reason and he's ready to work, presumably on his hip-hop career.

"Keep your eyes peeled for me this weekend, Whisky a Go Go. Sunday, you know we got Survivor Series in town. I'm well aware of that. Monday Night RAW, I'm well aware of that," Enzo said. "But the hottest show in town this weekend is at Whisky a Go Go, Monday night the 19th after RAW, I'll be performing my first-ever live concert with DJ Relent, the Rolls Royce of producers right now. We're killing the game. So keep your eyes peeled and your ears open, because Enzo ain't gonna shut up now. I came back to LA for a reason. Watch me work, daddy, watch me work."


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