Nita Strauss Talks Second Guessing Becky Lynch Heel Turn, Being "Obsessed" With Her Now

Guitarist Nita Strauss is a big WWE fan, and fully supports one of the hottest acts in WWE today in Becky Lynch. Speaking on the Wrestling Inc. podcast, the WINCLY, Nita talked about how WWE's programming has elevated thanks to the current SmackDown Live Women's Champion.

When she first started working for WWE, Nita bonded with a lot of wrestlers. She performed Shinsuke Nakamura's song at WrestleMania this past year while also opening up Evolution. One specific person made a significant impact, and that was Becky.

"Becky and I have become really good friends," Nita stated. "We just did a really cool sit-down together for YouTube, which one of the videos came out today called Stay the Course. It was an hour long interview where we talked to each other about our lives, and the parallels between wrestling and the music industry. Obviously we are different people in different industries who have grown up in different countries, but we have such similar journey's. For me, being at the level I am at, being the first female signature guitarist, her being the (SmackDown Live) champion, it was just cool for us to talk about our rides and how we got to where we got to today. I also got to try on the belt which was pretty awesome."

Becky's latest work impresses Nita. It is something she believes is hard to replicate. She even compared Becky to an old-school wrestler from the Attitude Era.

"I'm obsessed with heel Becky," Strauss admitted. "I think she took to that character so much better than anyone expected her to. As a big fan of hers from the get-go, as soon as I saw that heel turn I was like, what really? Are you sure? Far be it from me to second guess creative. To watch how over she is, she's the new 'Stone Cold'; no matter what she does that fans will rally behind her. The way that she does her social media and everything else, I just think it couldn't be better."

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