WWE Crown Jewel: The Miz Vs. Rey Mysterio (World Cup)

WWE World Cup Semi-final Match: The Miz vs. Rey Mysterio

We go to the ring and out comes Then Miz for the first semi-final World Cup match of the night. We go backstage to Saxton and Rey Mysterio. He knocks Miz for making excuses, and says people underestimating him just makes his win sweeter. We go back to the ring and Rey makes his entrance.

The bell rings and Miz charges with a kick but misses. Rey responds with a kick to the leg. They tangle and Miz ducks a kick but rolls Rey up for a quick pin attempt. More back and forth and counters. Rey with a stiff kick to the face. They end up on the floor and Rey runs back in to kick Miz in the face again, sending him out. Rey runs the ropes and slides under the bottom rope, splashing Miz on the floor. Rey holds his hand after landing on it during the splash. Rey brings Miz back into the ring and rocks him into the corner. Rey mounts Miz with rights in the corner now as fans count along.

Miz runs into boots in the corner. Miz counters a move and slams Rey face-first into the mat. Miz keeps control with thrusts in the corner. Miz with a running kick to the face for a close 2 count. Miz with a modified surfboard submission now. Rey turns that into a 2 count but Miz shuts him right back down and the referee checks on him. Miz with a bodyscissors now. Rey fights out but Miz launches him to the floor by throwing him under the bottom rope. Miz sends Rey into the apron and brings him back into the ring. Miz with an abdominal stretch now.

Rey tries to fight out of the stretch but Miz goes for a pumphandle slam. Rey counters that with a big DDT. They're both to slow to get up. They trade shots in the middle of the ring now. Rey gets the upperhand and nails a springboard crossbody for a 2 count. Rey with a kick to the chest. Rey hits the ropes with Miz's arm and sends him flying again. Rey ends up sending Miz into the turnbuckles with the same move. Rey comes in from the apron and sends Miz into the ropes for the 619. Miz blocks it and slams Rey face-first into the top turnbuckle. Miz with a Skull Crushing Finale for the close 2 count.

Miz keeps control and hits the It Kicks while Rey is on his knees. Rey ducks a kick and rolls Miz up for another close 2 count. Rey drops Miz into the ropes again and hits the 619. Rey moves slow but goes to the top rope. Rey goes for the splash but Miz gets the knees up and rolls Rey up for the pin to advance to the finals.

Winner: The Miz

- After the match, Miz heads to the floor to celebrate. We go to replays. Miz will face Rollins or Ziggler in the finals. Miz heads up the ramp and stops to look back, smiling at Rey as he stands at ringside.

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