WWE 205 Live Recap (12/19): Street Fight Main Event, Lio Rush In Action, Hideo Itami Vs. Noam Dar

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205 Live general manager Drake Maverick recaps the cruiserweight title matchup between Buddy Murphy and Cedric Alexander at this past Sunday's TLC, and says we'll be hearing from Murphy later on in the show. Also in action this evening will be Lio Rush returning to action, and a main event tag team street fight between Team Gulak (Drew Gulak and Jack Gallagher) and Team Kendrick (Brian Kendrick and Akira Tozawa.)

205 Live intro.

Vic Joseph, Nigel McGuinness, and Percy Watson welcome us to the show. Hideo Itami enters with Ariya Daivari accompanying him to the ring. Daivari gets on the microphone and tells the WWE Universe to show Itami respect. He says he can no longer stand by and watch this gross mistreatment of Itami. He calls Itami a legend, and until he starts getting the respect he deserves, 205 is canceled.

Drake Maverick comes out and says that this isn't the way 205 does business and threatens to suspend both Daivari and Itami. Noam Dar comes out and whispers something to Maverick. Maverick than announces a matchup between Itami and Dar, and that match starts now!

Noam Dar versus Hideo Itami

Dar dodges a kick and starts unloading forearms onto Itami to open things up. Running dropkick from Dar, followed by his signature butterfly spin. Itami fires back with strikes to Dar's gut. He drapes Dar over the top rope, climbs, and nails Dar with a top rope leg-drop. Stiff running knee from Itami. He wears Dar down with a headlock and has the early advantage.

Dar wakes up after Itami kicks him in the face, but his comeback is cut short with another knee from Itami. He continues to target the neck with headlocks. Itami misses a dropkick. He climbs to the middle rope but Dar kicks his shin and he tumples hard onto the mat. Combo from Dar that includes a standing lariat and a Northern Lights suplex with a pin attempt. Itami kicks out. Dar calls for his shiny wizard finisher, but Itami moves. Roll-up from Dar! Itami escapes, and surprises Dar with a running big boot! Dar lands another shin kick and climbs to the top. Daivari distracts Dar, causing him to a miss a double-stomp. Itami takes advantage, pushing Dar into the turnbuckle. Corner basement dropkick! He lands his finisher. Dar can't kick out.

Hideo Itami wins by pinfall

Daivari and Itami celebrate in the ring. Commentary team flash us back to TLC, where Buddy Murphy retained his cruiserweight championship against Cedric Alexander. We cut to Murphy backstage. Drake comes up to congratulate him on his victory Sunday. Murphy wonders who his future opponent will be since the two men who were his biggest rivals, Mustafa Ali and Cedric Alexander, both fell at his feet. Murphy tells Drake that he "needs" a worthy challenger to prove that he is the best cruiserweight in the world. Drake thinks it over, and promises that he'll find a suitable opponent, and will address the situation next week.

Commercial break for Royal Rumble.

Lio Rush's music hits. Percy informs us that this is his first 205 Live appearance since his singles-undefeated streak was snapped by Cedric Alexander. His opponent is already in the ring. Rush grabs a microphone and says that he's been busy working Monday Night Raw with Bobby Lashley. Sucker punch from Rush onto his opponent!

Lio Rush versus Unknown

The mystery man lands a couple of strikes, but Rush sweeps his leg and attacks him on the outside. Frog splash from Rush. He doesn't go for the cover, opting instead to ground and pound his opponent until he's unconscious. Another frog-splash, and this one is over quick.

Lio Rush wins by pinfall

Backstage Cedric Alexander cuts a promo. Alexander tells Buddy Murphy to enjoy his victory and his reign as champion. He still claims that 205 Live is his show, and promises to eventually be in the title hunt once again.

A best of 205 live will be airing next week!

Commercial for WWE Shop.

Drew Gulak and Jack Gallagher are on their way to the ring and it's main event time. The team of Brian Kendrick and Akira Tozawa are out next. Kendrick shaved and cut his hair! (Early 2000s flashback!)

Brian Kendrick & Akira Tozawa versus Drew Gulak and Jack Gallagher in a Street Fight

Kendrick and Tozawa charge and all four men trade blows on the outside. Tozawa and Kendrick win the early exchange, and grab a table from underneath the ring! Gulak and Gallagher attack them from behind, then gain some heat by throwing the table back under the ring. Tozawa and Kendrick rip the announcer table apart and use it as a weapon on Gulak and Gallagher. Back in the ring Gulak gets double-teamed. Tozawa with a stiff elbow, and a Kendrick assisted senton! Gallagher and Gulak slide to the outside and grab weapons from under the ring to gain the uppherand. (Gallagher with a trash can and Gulak with a broom.

Gulak works over Tozawa with the trash can, placing it over his head and smashing it with the broom handle. Gulak then shifts his attention to Kendrick, working him over at ringside with a powerslam. He grabs a mop, including the bucket, and unloads on Kendrick, even shoving the dirty mop in his face. Meanwhile, Gallagher wretches Tozawa's arm. Gulak with a fish hook onto Kendrick! (Looks great!) Tozawa breaks up the hold but Gallagher tosses him to the outside again. Double team from Gulak and Gallagher this time, dropping Tozawa right onto the timekeeper area.

The heels take turns covering Kendrick in the middle of the ring, but he keeps kicking out. Gallagher drops Kendrick over the ropes! Gulak follows that up with a huge lariat! He goes for the pin...Kendrick escapes! Double-suplex attempt, but Kendrick shifts his weight and counter it into a double-DDT. Tozawa is still out on the outside. He finally gets to his feet and starts laying into Gulak. Gulak grabs the ringside microphone and thuds it over Tozawa's head. Tozawa, angrily, responds with a big elbow. Tozawa then goes after Jack Gallagher, nailing him with a frankensteiner and shots with a steel chair. He throws the chair at Gulak and works the crowd.

Kendrick and Tozawa tie Gulak to the ring-post with bungie cords. They then trade knife-edged chops onto Gulak until his chest is red. Gallagher comes out of nowhere with the trash can to save Gulak. He grabs a commentary roller-chair. They put Tozawa in it...Gulak pushes...GALLAGHER WITH A RUNNING DROPKICK! (What a spot!) The heels again target Kendrick, but Kendrick fends them off. Exploder suplex from Kendrick to Gallagher into Gulak on the outside. Action moves to the ring again. Gallagher catches Kendrick in a submission, but Tozawa wraps Gallagher up in an octopus. Gulak out of nowhere with the Gulak choke! Right in the center of the ring. Kendrick breaks it up by slamming Gallagher onto Gulak! Gallagher with an indian death-lock onto Kendrick. TOZAWA NAIS HIS TOP ROPE SENTON ON GALLAGHER. Cover but Gulak breaks it up. Kendrick goes for sliced bread on Gulak but he counters it. Trouble in Paradise from Tozawa sends Gulak to the outside. Suicide dive attempt but GULAK GETS THE TRASH CAN AND TOZAWA GOES RIGNT INTO IT. Gallagher goes after Kendrick who is still draped on the ropes, SLICED BREAD FROM THE TOP FROM KENDRICK! GOT EM!

Akira Tozawa and Brian Kendrick win by pinfall

Kendrick and Tozawa celebrate in the ring. Gulak and Gallagher can be seen sulking on the outside.


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