Flip Gordon Reveals Advice From Colt Cabana For "I Quit" Match Against Bully Ray

The feud between Flip Gordon and Bully Ray started at ROH's Honor for All event in July and it will culminate tomorrow at Final Battle. The two will engage in an "I Quit" match which is the ultimate test of a wrestler's ability to persevere through whatever their opponent throws at them.

Gordon joined our WINCLY podcast where he talked about his unique preparation for this match which has been months in the making.

"This is going to be my very first [I Quit match]," Gordon said to Nick Hausman before revealing how he prepared for the match.

"I've been through military training. I've been beaten. I've been starved. I've had to crawl through mud. I've been through a lot with the Army, so I'm pretty prepared and there's not a giving up bone in my body. I will go through war before I say I quit and he's gonna have to bring war to me."

The feud between Gordon and Ray has gotten personal with each side launching verbal shots at the other. Gordon was asked why things have gotten so heated between the two.

"You know, I've been asking myself that same exact question. I don't know what his deal is and I don't even care anymore," stated Gordon.

"It's personal. This goes beyond ROH. This goes beyond ECW. At Final Battle this is an 'I Quit' match and I've never said 'I quit' to anything in my life and I don't plan on saying it December 14 either.

On the last episode of ROH TV, Ray delivered a vicious assault on Gordon that included him getting whacked 10 times with a kendo stick. Gordon was asked if that was the most brutal thing he's encountered in pro wrestling.

"Uhh...yeah, definitely," said Gordon. "I felt every single one of them. I had bruises for weeks and my triceps looked like raw meat. I definitely wouldn't wanna do it again."

While Ray has the size and experience edge, Gordon does have a veteran presence in his corner in Colt Cabana. Gordon revealed the advice that Cabana has given him ahead of facing Bully Ray.

"He just has told me to not hold back, not be afraid and keep pushing forward. That's exactly what I'm gonna do and he's been nothing but motivating," said Gordon.

ROH Final Battle will take place on Friday Dec. 14 from the Hammerstein Ballroom in New York City. Wrestling Inc. will be hosting a live, post-show discussion via the WInc YouTube channel. The post-show will begin shortly after the ppv ends and will be hosted by Nick Hausman and Joey G.

Full audio from the post-show will be released via Wrestling Inc.'s audio channel on iTunes.


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