Bray Wyatt's Message For Up & Comers, Renee Young On Dean Ambrose, SmackDown Commercial Break Video

- This week's WWE SmackDown closed with an in-ring segment that featured WWE Champion Daniel Bryan, Randy Orton, AJ Styles, Samoa Joe, Jeff Hardy and Mustafa Ali, which was interrupted by Triple H to announce the Elimination Chamber match for the WWE Title at February's Chamber pay-per-view. WWE posted this video of what happened during the commercial break.

- Renee Young took to Instagram on Tuesday and issued her first comments on husband Dean Ambrose since WWE confirmed that he will be leaving the company when his contract expires in April. You can see the post below:

This guy. The world is yours, my love. no guts no glory.

- Bray Wyatt took to his personal Instagram account late Tuesday night and posted a message for up & coming talents.

Wyatt wrote, "To all those who are up and coming, I remember what it's like for everyone on the planet to think you are the most amazing new thing they have ever seen. I remember even more the feeling of everyone turning on you. Saying you are a one hit wonder, overrated, boring. Every time my life is screwed up I find my genius. My calling to this world. To all those up and coming, f**k what anyone thinks of you. The greatest satisfaction is showing up more ready than anyone thought you'd ever be. Revenge is a confession......."

You can see Wyatt's full post below:


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