Cody And Brandi Rhodes Reveal How Exclusive AEW Will Be With Talent

Tuesday night was a historic evening for wrestling in Jacksonville, Florida, and it had nothing to do with WWE hosting SmackDown there. All Elite Wrestling held their launch rally, announced Double Or Nothing and revealed their initial roster.

After the introductory press conference, many of the executives held more Q&A sessions from the assembled media, including Wrestling Inc. EVP Cody Rhodes and Chief Brand Officer Brandi Rhodes addressed exclusivity regarding its talent and if wrestlers such as Joey Janela and Chris Jericho would still get to do outside events.

"I can actually confirm that Joey will be able to do his Spring Break shows," said Cody. "Chris will be able to do his cruise."

Janela has held a Spring Break event, presented by GCW, every year since 2017 and the one this year will take place in April in New Jersey. Jericho held his first-ever "Rock 'N' Wrestling Rager at Sea" this past October and he plans on doing another cruise later this year.

"The idea for us is to be friendly with a lot of people," stated Brandi. "We definitely don't want to shut doors there's no reason too. We like a lot of people."

Cody then talked about how many wrestlers on the AEW roster have outside interests other than AEW. However, for he and Brandi, they are putting all of their eggs into the AEW basket and have invested more into the company than any previous one.

"For me and for [Brandi], this is it though," said Cody. "I looked at [my AEW contract] the other day. It's more years than any WWE contract I signed and I know why. I'm committing my life to this and so much is happening that I forget to remind myself of that.

"But that's really exciting for us."


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