Ronda Rousey Sends A Message To Sasha Banks, Charlotte Flair, Samoa Joe Warns Mustafa Ali

- The above video has Charlotte Flair speaking about the opening of the WWE Performance Center in the United Kingdom.

"To be apart of the very first NXT class at the Performance Center in Orlando and to see what the brand has grown into, I never pictured it becoming global," Charlotte said. "The facility is state of the art, it's incredible, a huge opportunity for UK talent and I'm excited that I was here for opening day. I know a lot of the young men and women had prior experience, so they are already walking in the door having a background, and showing I had no experience. [Laughs] Promos, wrestling, being polished, camera work, all of it, the Performance Center offers all of that. Them utilizing their resources is what is going to make the difference taking them from being an NXT Superstar to either RAW or SmackDown Superstar."

- Last week, Samoa Joe and Mustafa Ali were scheduled to have a match, but Joe attacked Ali before the bell rang and the match never took place. The two will meet up again this Tuesday. Joe commented on his opponent and admitted he hates "redemption stories."

"You know I hate redemption stories," Joe said. "It's not the concept of redemption, no redemption is a beautiful thing. What I hate is redemption stories never really tell the price of redemption. Mustafa Ali, you're out on a mission, you want redemption and your thinking to yourself, 'If I can go out there and survive Samoa Joe then I can survive anything.' You see, it's my responsibility to clear my conscience to tell you that is not how this goes. You need to understand what you're asking for. I'm the man that makes sure that you limp for the rest of your life. I'm the man that comes and strips years off your career. You think you have a lot to give, I will go in that ring and I will take it all from you. Redemption is a dirty business, Mustafa. There will be no redemption for you."

- WWE shared a video on Twitter of WWE RAW Women's Champion Ronda Rousey and Nattie talking about their opponents, Bayley and Sasha Banks, on this week's RAW. Here's what Rousey had to say about the match and her title match against Banks at the Royal Rumble:.

"Tomorrow I'm going to give Sasha a taste of what's coming to her at the Royal Rumble and we are going to give the world what's coming to them for the Women's Tag Team Championships," Rousey said. "Besides, The Boss and Hug Connection has way too many syllables to catch on. We're not taking it easy tomorrow!"


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