Velveteen Dream Wants To Face John Cena, Embarrassing Backstage Encounters, WWE Network Additions

- Above is the latest WWE Top 10 featuring embarrassing backstage encounters. The group includes Taijri misting Coach, Alexa Bliss getting barged in on, and John Cena coming face-to-face with the Boogeyman.

- Here are next week's new additions to the WWE Network:

* Monday - Edge and Christian Show (following RAW)
* Tuesday - 205 Live (10 pm ET)
* Wednesday - NXT UK (3 pm ET), NXT (8 pm ET)
* Friday - This Week in WWE (7:30 pm ET)
* Sunday - Royal Rumble Kickoff (5 pm ET), Royal Rumble PPV (7 pm ET)

- As noted, WWE posted a video of dream opponents for John Cena at this year's WrestleMania and one of the names mentioned was Velveteen Dream. This obviously didn't get by Dream who tweeted out "One day the Dream will wrestle John Cena and everyone will rejoice. Everyone remember this tweet." In June of last year, Cena did a Q&A and was asked if he could face either Adam Cole, Ricochet, or Velveteen Dream, who he prefer? Cena went with Dream.

"My answer is going to upset some people but I would rather face Velveteen Dream," Cena said. "You know in those Star Wars movies with the Jedi and he says something like, 'I think that is the One.' I got that odd, mental, and great feeling about Velveteen Dream."


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