WWE Looks At Brock Lesnar's Top Rivals, Sasha Banks Gets Fit For Royal Rumble Match (Photos)

- Above, WWE revisited every Royal Rumble winner over the years, beginning with "Hacksaw" Jim Duggan and ending with last year's respective winners, Shinsuke Nakamura and Asuka. The video also included Braun Strowman winning the Greatest Royal Rumble in Saudi Arabia.

- On Instagram, WWE looked at Brock Lesnar's top five greatest rivals. Starting at number five: Roman Reigns, John Cena, Kurt Angle, Goldberg, and at number one, The Undertaker.

- Sasha Banks posted some photos over herself over a five week period as she got ready for the Royal Rumble. As noted, Banks will be taking on WWE RAW Women's Champion Ronda Rousey at the PPV on January 27. In the caption she wrote, "Hard work, dedication! I told 'theabchick' to get me ready for Royal Rumble and I didn't come to play."


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