Xavier Woods Challenges Kenny Omega At MagFest Q&A (Video)

This weekend, Xavier Woods is at MagFest, a convention that celebrates video games and video game music in National Harbor, Maryland. Woods did a Q&A with fans earlier today and was asked about his long-time gaming rival, Kenny Omega.

For years the two have trashed talked each other when it comes to gaming, even bringing Kofi Kingston, Big E, and The Young Bucks into their feud. The two sides have previously teased having a match against each other, but the closest the two sides got was earlier this year when they faced off in Street Fighter V at E3 in Los Angeles.

At today's Q&A, Woods asked fans to tweet Omega his comments, just so Omega's social media would blow up for no reason. Woods noted that Omega might be able to beat him at Street Fighter, but not anything else.

"Tweet it to him, so his Twitter blows up for no reason," Woods began. "First off, I'd like to say congratulations on your performance at Wrestle Kingdom, Kenny, you did a great job. Fantastic. What a great performer he is, right? The thing is, you can get me in Street Fighter, but you cannot beat me in anything else! At all. Ever. You cannot touch me in any game. Ever! Tweet it to him."

Woods could simply be referring to just video games, but earlier this week it was reported Omega was sent a "fantastic offer" by WWE, according to the latest Wrestling Observer Radio.

Omega also dropped the IWGP Heavyweight Championship to Hiroshi Tanahashi at Wrestle Kingdom 13 and was absent from today's NJPW New Year Dash, so the speculation is WWE or All Elite Wrestling could be making a play for "The Best Bout Machine." His contract ends with NJPW later this month.


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