WWE commentator, Corey Graves, has been active on Twitter today, responding to users about his former WWE coach, Bill DeMott. DeMott was ousted from the WWE in 2015 due to allegations of misconduct during his time as a trainer in the company's developmental territories Deep South Wrestling, Florida Championship Wrestling and NXT.

One of Graves' initial tweets reads, "I'm not really old enough to claim 'back in my day,' but what I remember as 'coaching' or 'motivation' is now considered 'bullying.' I turned out just fine. And my kids are probably tougher than yours. Can you please pass the blue crayon for these adult coloring books?"

An individual responded to Graves, writing, "In a company that once had Bill DeMott as a head trainer who seemed to think pretty highly of his motivation skills, perhaps this isn't the best hill to die on? That twitter break you were gonna do might have done some good, man."

Graves would then reply in two parts, stating, "I still stand by Bill DeMott. We weren't always best friends, but there was no malice whatsoever. It wasn't until people started complaining that getting PAID TO TRAIN was too hard for them, that it became an issue. What's the point you're trying to argue? He was my head coach. I did what he said. I personally believe I ended up better for it. Still trying to figure out why you're mad at a guy you've never met..."