Daniel Bryan Explains How "Clarity" Will Help Him Beat Jeff Hardy, Mustafa Ali, WWE Canvas 2 Canvas

- The above video is artist Rob Schamberger paying tribute to the Intercontinental Championship on the latest Canvas 2 Canvas.

- WWE Champion Daniel Bryan will be taking on Jeff Hardy on this week's SmackDown. Bryan explained that clarity is why he has the upper hand on Jeff Hardy in a video that WWE shared on Twitter.

"February 8th, 2016, almost three years ago the old Daniel Bryan stood out in the ring in Seattle, Washington and announced his retirement," Bryan said. "He had given up on his dreams. Fast forward to February 5th, 2019, and the new Daniel Bryan is the WWE Champion and you know what I attribute to that? Do you know why I am the WWE Champion? Clarity. You see I have clarity. I have found a new form of clarity. On Tuesday on SmackDown Live, I'm fighting Jeff Hardy. If there's one thing Jeff Hardy is an amazing performer, has been for a long time. He comes back, but he doesn't have clarity. He jumps off the top, but he doesn't have clarity. He jumps through tables, but he doesn't have clarity. He climbs to the top of the tallest ladder with absolutely no fear and will jump on any man alive, but he has no clarity. You see clarity gives you purpose and purpose gives you drive and drive gives you motivation beyond anything you can imagine. So Jeff bring all your acrobatics, bring your daredevil behavior, I'll bring my clarity and a few other things. I'll show you why the new Daniel Bryan is the WWE Champion."

- WWE shared on their Twitter of Mustafa Ali talking about what if he beat Randy Orton and in two weeks became the WWE Champion. Ali will be facing Randy Orton on this week's SmackDown. Both of them are slotted for the WWE Championship Elimination Chamber match for the WWE Champion at the Elimination Chamber PPV in Houston, Texas on February 17.

"This Tuesday on SmackDown Live, I take on Randy Orton," Ali said. "Listen, I get it. I know that everyone thinks I got an RKO coming my way, but what if, instead of an RKO, we see a 054? What if the Viper goes to strike and he misses? What if in two weeks time at the Elimination Chamber, I survive a nightmare to make a dream come true? What if Mustafa Ali was WWE Champion?"


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