Former WWE Superstar Enzo Amore has jumped on social media to troll Corey Graves in the wake of his alleged affair with WWE Superstar, Carmella.

As previously reported, Amy Polinsky, wife of the WWE commentator, took to Instagram earlier today and accused Graves of having an affair with WWE Superstar, Carmella. In the since-deleted Instagram post, Polinsky first mentioned Graves' apparent suicide attempts and alcoholism before bringing up that he had been "sleeping with" Carmella.

Enzo's first tweet was a video that WWE published in January 2018, seen above. In it, Enzo and Graves are discussing the time Enzo was featured on TMZ after reportedly being kicked off of the WWE tour bus during one of their European tours. Enzo was adamant that WWE didn't kick him off the bus because they are ultimately required to supply transportation to each show. It was well documented that Enzo was fired from the company shortly after this video was published because of sexual assault allegations. Enzo continues denying those allegations and the police department dropped the case against him because of insufficient evidence.

Enzo's follow up tweet focused on Carmella's past relationship with Enzo's former tag team partner, Big Cass. He featured a GIF file of Graves pleading with Big Cass, and Enzo included the caption, "My kids love you, I love you, I'll bl-w you..."

Enzo also retweeted a statement that Graves had sent out back in September 2017. Graves wrote, "My son just ran to second base, and danced like [Enzo Amore] to celebrate. I have failed as a father."

You can read Enzo's series of tweets below: