- Above is a look at Roppongi 3k challenging BUSHI and Shingo Takagi for the IWGP Jr. Heavyweight Tag Team Championship. The two teams will meet at NJPW's Anniversary Event in Tokyo on March 6.

- IWGP Heavyweight Champion Jay White did an in character press conference and spoke about him being at the top as NJPW looks to expand globally. White will defend the title against the winner of this year's New Japan Cup at the G1 Supercard on April 6 at Madison Square Garden.

"I feel like I've answered this question so many times before, it's always the same questions," White said. "Just having me at the helm, that's going to make this company expand as it is. My image, me standing there with this belt is money in itself. I am the hottest asset in all of Pro-Wrestling and including [sneering] sorts entertainment as well. Having me as the front man, that's going to help the company grow. I know certain people may not agree with that, especially fans because, hey, the fans know best don't they? The think that me as the champion is not going to work? No, no, no, I know best so everybody else just shut up, sit back and do as you're told and let me take this company to new heights."

- Kenny Omega tweeted out a photo of himself with Kota Ibushi with the caption, "Happy Valentine. I'm always thinking about you." As noted, Ibushi announced he planned on staying with NJPW to 2021. Although, Omega's AEW contract does allow him to work for NJPW on occasion, it's possible we could see Ibushi show up in AEW at some point, as well. Last week, Omega spoke to Wrestling Observer Radio about Ibushi possibly showing up in AEW.

"Absolutely, by all means, we would love to use Kota," Omega said. "I wish he was here all the time, he would be the perfect roommate, if he liked America. I'm probably going to relocated to America, as well. He actually has a wrestling school now, yeah, he's got a wrestling school in Japan. We're going to be supportive of that, he has a couple commitments of that as of now. But again, door is wide open."