The Women's Evolution currently taking place around pro wrestling wouldn't have been possible without Superstars like Molly Holly. She was in WWE during their Divas era, but she transcended the word diva and established herself as a highly-respected performer.

Holly last appeared in WWE during their Evolution pay-per-view and she talked with Ring The Belle about her time with the company, including stealing her finisher from another Superstar.

"I used to watch indie tapes to steal moves from people," Holly admitted. "Sorry! So, I stole [Widow's Peak] from Roderick Strong, whom I used to wrestle with in the back yard of a trailer park in Florida. He was 14 and I was 18. He had a really cool move.

"Victoria was looking for a new finisher, and I showed it to her in the ring with Vince McMahon. He saw her practice it on me, and Vince McMahon went, 'Oh!' And I thought if we can get Vince to react that way we know it's a good one."

Both Holly and Victoria would use the Widow's Peak as their finishing moves, although the move once cost Holly her hair. At WrestleMania XX, Victoria countered a Widow's Peak attempt by Holly into a backslide pin and victory. Due to a stipulation in the match, Holly had to get her head shaved but she was grateful just to have a WrestleMania match.

"I was a champion, and the writers told me that there was only room for one women's match at WrestleMania," said Holly. "They were going to do a pillow fight or a mud match. I was really devastated and thought I gotta come up with something that makes them change their minds.

"So, I put a bald cap on and had my photo taken. I made a booklet with a bunch of different storylines showing my head getting shaved. I presented it to Stephanie McMahon and some of the writers and said, 'I'm willing to shave my head, can I please be on WrestleMania?' Sure enough, they came back to me couple days later and said, 'All right, we'll let you get your head shaved at WrestleMania.'"

Holly was one of many former Superstars invited to participate in last year's inaugural Women's Royal Rumble. She described the backstage scene when she ran into many of the women she battled with in the ring for years.

"Anytime I get to see someone I used to work with, of course, you've got these I hate to say it - like, trauma bonds," stated Holly. "We've gone through this like extreme situation together and so for life, you're like molded as a friendship."

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Source: Ring The Belle