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Mark Coffey vs. Ligero

Coffey and Ligero shake hands before the action gets started. Both men lock up but Andrews steps behind and gets a waist lock on Ligero. Ligero switches it in to a standing wrist lock on Andrews. Ligero twists his arm around but Andrews rolls through, nips up and secures a hammerlock on Ligero. Ligero gets out and gets a headlock in. Both men start reversing and coming off the ropes until it turns in to a series of exchanged pinning attempts. They bump fists and begin again, with Andrews arm dragging Ligero a couple of times.

Ligero elbows Andrews in the chin and jumps to the top rope but Andrews meets him there and goes for a hurricanrana, not getting all of it. Andrews gets a 2 count and then gets tossed out of the ring by Ligero. On the apron and outside the ring, Ligero and Andrews go at it until Ligero goes for a headscissor and Andrews cartwheels to a standing position. Andrews with an elbow and an attempted moonsault off the stares. Instead, Ligero gives Andrews a kick to the face and a somersault plancha on the outside. Back inside the ring, he comes off the ropes with a springboard stunner for a 2 count.

Ligero with some hard chops on Andrews, an elbow to the back of the head, and a forearm to the jaw. Ligero goes for a back suplex but Andrews lands on his feet and retaliates with strikes and chop attacks. Andrews with the Stomp 182 and a standing moonsault for a close 2 count. The men trade some pinning attempts and then Ligero hits Andrews with kicks and strikes. Enziguri from Ligero but he didn't get all of it. Andrews with a knee but Ligero with a pump kick. Andrews comes off the ropes with a knee slide and an enziguri, but Ligero hits another pump kick. Andrews reverses a suplex and hits a Stundog Millionaire.

Andrews comes off the ropes and hits Ligero with a somersault plancha on the outside of the ring. He pushes him back inside and tries to follow up but Ligero bests him and hits an unorthodox, mitchonoku driver for a close 2 count. Ligero is powering up and calling for the finish. Andrews catches him in a waist lock but Ligero elbows him in the face and perches him off the top rope. Ligero goes for a hurricanrana off the top but Andrews lands on his feet and spikes Ligero on his head with a reverse hurricanrana. Close 2 count as Ligero escapes! Andrews goes for the shooting star press but he gets knees to the face and Ligero's C4L for the 1-2-3!

Winner: Ligero

Ligero celebrates in the ring as we see replays. Andrews shakes his hand and Ligero poses on the turnbuckle.

We see a replay from last week, when Sid Scala announced that Zack Gibson & James Drake will face Oney Lorcan & Danny Burch for the NXT UK Tag Team Championships on an upcoming NXT UK. Backstage, Oney Lorcan is explaining why they deserve the title shot, but he's interrupted by his partner, Burch. Burch explains that they have their title shot in 3 weeks against Gibson & Drake, and Lorcan is hyped about it.

We see a promotion for Xia Brookside, in competition next!

Backstage, Pete Dunne is interviewed and he agrees that Walter's debut was impressive, and somewhere down the line, he expects to meet him in the ring. Dunne says that's when Walter will understand why he's been the champion for over 600 days. Dunne firmly states that he fears nobody.

Xia Brookside vs. Candy Floss

The bell rings and Floss and Brookside shake one another's hands. Brookside pulls in Floss to a headlock and takes her over but Floss with a headscissors on a downed Brookside. Brookside goes in to a headstand and then jumps to her feet. They shake hands and then go back to the action, with Floss rolling up Brookside for a quick 1 count. Floss with another roll up for a 2 count. Floss gets Brookside in to a full nelson on three separate occasions as Brookside keeps trying to roll through. Brookside finally arm drags and puts Floss in to an armbar.

Floss escapes and slams Brookside to the mat but Brookside continues the pressure with a wrist lock. Floss with a monkey flip but Brookside continues hanging on to the wristlock through everything Floss does. Floss finally gets out and contorts Brookside's arms and fingers in to uncomfortable positions. Floss keeps on Brookside's arm and stomps on it a la Shayna Bayzsler. She goes for a clothesline on Brookside but Xia ducks and uses a chinbreaker, followed by a running bulldog. Brookside off the ropes with a headscissors, she meteoras Floss in the corner and then delivers the Brooksie-Bomb in the corner for the 1-2-3!

Winner: Xia Brookside

Xia celebrates in the ring and then begins helping Floss up out of the corner. Suddenly, Rhea Ripley appears and slams Floss down to the mat. Brookside fights back with forearms but it's futile, Ripley plants Brookside with a press and then tosses Floss out of the ring. Ripley ties Brookside up in a version of a cloverleaf but Storm runs out and they toss punches until Storm headbutts Ripley. She goes for another headbutt but Ripley pulls Xia in the way and she gets hit by Storm. Ripley capitalizes and uses the Riptide on the NXT UK Women's Champion.

Jordan Devlin tells the NXT UK audience that he's been running rough shot over everyone on the NXT UK brand. He said he's gonna have a match against Noam Dar at the NXT UK taping in Phoenix, Arizona.

Mike Hitchman vs. Joseph Conners

The men lock up but Conners uses a knee and a flurry of strikes to immediately gain the advantage. Conners stomps at Hitchman as he clings to the ropes and the ref attempts to separate them. Hitchman with a clothesline and a series of punches in the corner on Conners. Conners wiggles out and bps Hitchman on the head. Hitchman plants Conners in to the mat and then delivers a senton splash. Hitchman goes to the top rope but Conners meets him there and utilizes the ropes to injure Hitchman's arm.

On the outside, Conners continues the attack and sets Hitchman up on the apron, nailing him with clubby blows. Conners slams his face in to the mat and then stomps at Hitchman back inside the ring. Hitchman tries to fight back with abdomen strikes but Conners lifts him up in to a facebuster slam for a 2 count. Conners wrenches at the neck of Henchman at tells him that he's not taking "it" away. Hitchman tries to fight back but gets pummeled with boots and axe handles. Conners comes running in for a kick but Hitchman ducks it and chop blocks him on to the ropes.

Hitchman with another senton as Conners is on the ropes, followed by a back suplex that sends Conners out of the ring. Hitchman with a frog splash from the apron on to Conners, who's laying on the floor. Hitchman charges in for his spear but Conners avoids it and comes in to the ring from the apron with a ddt a la Johnny Gargano. Conners calls Hitchman a "p---ycat" and gets hit with a pop-up powerbomb. Boar charges in again but Conners reverses and climbs to the top rope. He ends up sunset flip powerbombing Hitchman off the top rope, again on the mat, and then delivers the Don't Look Down for the 1-2-3.

Winner: Joseph Conners

We see replays as Conners celebrates his win inside the ring.

We see Gallus backstage, hyping up for their matches tonight. Joe Coffey says that NXT UK is still their kingdom and it's still all about Gallus.

We see a video package hyping up Jinny, she then tells Radzi that when he looks the way he does, he needs a better wardrobe to distract from his face. She says of course she's been winning her matches because she's amazing. She admits that the NXT UK roster is full of talented women and she congratulates Toni Storm, however, she claims that Storm is the one person standing in her way. She says it doesn't matter who wins against Storm and Ripley in Phoenix, because eventually, Jinny will be champion. Mia Yim vs. Jinny is announced for next week!

Ashton Smith vs. Joe Coffey

The bell rings and Coffey comes rushing in quick. Smith tries to stay away and then eventually catches Coffey in a headlock that brings him to a knee. Coffey gets out and tries to clothesline Smith off the ropes but he gets put in another headlock. Coffey throws him off and then comes exploding off the ropes with a pounce tat sends Smith outside of the ring. Coffey comes to the outside, strikes Smith in the face, and then hit s a running headbutt to Smith's chest that sends him in to the barricade. Coffey brings Smith back in and clutches at Smith's collar bone as he applies a straight jacket hold. Smith makes it to his feet and tries to escape but Coffey keeps kneeing Smith in the back.

Coffey with a cobra clutch but Smith gets to his feet and manages to power out of the maneuver. Coffey goes for a short arm clothesline, Smith ducks out of it but Coffey pulls him in to a bear hug and rams him against the turnbuckles. Coffey continues the attack on the lower back and secures in another bear hug. Smith begins punching Coffey in the face as he tries to escape, followed by an elbow to Coffey's eye. Coffey pulls Smith in to an overhead belly-to-belly and then pummels Smith with uppercuts in the corner. Smith comes off the ropes but gets thrown in to the air and an uppercut to the mush. Coffey says it's still his kingdom but Smith connects with a few right hands to Coffey. Smith with a jumping knee and a LOUD superkick. He comes off the ropes but gets caught in a suplex and Coffey's finishing lariat for the 1-2-3!

Winner: Joe Coffey

We see replays as Joe Coffey celebrates in the ring and tells the referee that NXT UK is still his kingdom. Gallus comes out to congratulate him on the stage and then Mark Coffey begins his trek to the ring for his match against Walter.

Mark Coffey vs. Walter

The bell rings and Coffey gains the immediate advantage with forearms and clubby blows to Walter's back. Coffey chops at Walter but it doesn't has no effect. Walter goes for a chop of his own but Coffey ducks it and continues the pressure with various strikes. Walter chops Coffey and he writhes on the ground in pain. Coffey attempts to get out of the ring but he gets rammed with a couple clubby blows on the ring apron. Coffey tackles Walter in to the ring apron and the barricade. He tosses Walter back inside the ring and connects with some boots to Walter's chin. Coffey backs Walter in to the corner with some punches and forearms. Coffey yanks Walter's arms behind his back in the middle of the ring and drives his knee in to Walter's back. He's finally able to get to his feet and turn the hold over. Coffey grabs the ropes and elbows Walter as he's trying to break the hold.

Coffey takes advantage of a staggered Walter in the corner, he tries for an irish whip but is unsuccessful, so he forearms Walter instead. Coffey comes off the ropes and slams in to Walter but it has absolutely no effect. Coffey rams him with his hardest clotheslines but Walter tells him to give him more. He kicks Walter in the abdomen and goes for one final clothesline off the ropes, only to get his arm swatted away by Walter. Walter with a german suplex on Coffey. Walter with a running big boot on Coffey in the corner, he then perches Coffey on the top rope and shoves his boot in to Coffey's throat. Coffey tries to steer clear and go to the outside, but he eats a loud chop and a suplex on the ring apron.

Back inside the ring, Walter hits some clubby blows on Coffey's chest and goes for an armbar, however, Coffey slams his elbow against his shoulder to break free.Coffey with a forearm, a hard double-handed chop and an uppercut. Coffey connects with a jumping kick to the face for a close 2 count. Coffey gets a chop to the back of the neck and then a rear-naked choke. Coffey backs him in to the turnbuckle but Walter comes back with a running dropkick. Walter with a standing powerbomb for the 1-2-3!

Winner: Walter

We see replays as Walter stands tall inside the ring and the episode comes to an end.