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Highlight recap of the ongoing feud between Noam Dar and Tony Nese. After Dar defeated Nese in singles-action, Nese would attack the Scottish Supernova in the parking lot before an episode of 205 Live. General manager Drake Maverick would suspend Nese, but Dar returned last Tuesday to insist that he be put in a matchup with Nese for tonight, even threatening to fight Nese at his home. Maverick set the matchup, and it's a no-DQ.

205 Live intro.

Vic Joseph, Nigel McGuinness, and Aiden English welcome us to the most exciting hour on television. Joseph commends Kofi Kingston for a fantastic showing in the gauntlet match on SmackDown Live, but remind the WWE Universe that they have their own title match to hype between Buddy Murphy and Akira Tozawa. The two will meet for a contract signing later on. McGuinness then talks about the main event matchup, Noam Dar versus Tony Nese in a no disqualification bout.

Lucha House Party is on their way to the ring. Kalisto welcomes the good fans of Toledo to 205 Live. He says he doesn't want to go outside because it's cold. Dorado confirms that it is snowing. Loud lucha chants from the fans. Dorado is unhappy that the Lucha House Party was unable to complete their duet with Elias on Raw last night. Gran Metalik is about to sing, but Jack Gallagher comes out to interrupt him. He'll be facing Dorado. Gulak, who came out with Gallagher, joins the commentary table.

Lince Dorado versus Jack Gallagher

Gallagher takes early control with a waist-lock, and transitions to the arm, cranking it down to take Dorado to the mat. Gallagher shifts to the fingers for some joint manipulation. Dorado uses his athleticism to get to his feet, then uses the ropes to take Gallagher down with an arm-drag. Frankensteiner by Dorado, followed by a snap-suplex. Now Dorado goes after Gallagher's arm, but Gallagher snatches on a headlock. Dorado bounces Gallagher off the ropes and catches him with a tilt-a-whirl-backbreaker. Gallagher responds by dropping Dorado on the ropes neck first. Meanwhile, on commentary, Aiden English asks Drew Gulak if he's jealous of Humberto Carrillo. Gulak is insulted, and says he was just trying to look out for Carrillo.

Dorado climbs to the top, but Gallagher yanks Dorado's leg and drops on his crotch. Gallagher lays into Dorado's back with stiff knees and a big backbreaker in succession. Dorado breaks out of a submission, but Gallagher slows him down with a headbutt to the midsection. Multiple stomps from Gallagher. He tries a cover...Dorado escapes with ease. Abdominal stretch from Gallagher right in the center of the ring. Dorado hip-tosses him over the top ropes to the arena floor. Dorado with a springboard flying crossbody onto Gallagher! He throws Gallagher back in the ring...crucifix pin attempt...Gallagher kicks out. Another roll-up, but Gallagher kicks out again. Suplex attempt but Gallagher puts drops Dorado onto the apron. Dorado jumps right to the top...flying crossbody with pin...kickout! Nice sequence of counters, Dorado wins the exchange with a kick to the head. Moonsault from Dorado. Another! He goes for a third...Gallagher gets his boots up! Deadlift powerbomb from Gallagher! Dorado kicks out but Gallagher locks in a single-leg crab. Dorado pops up on Gallagher's shoulders...monkey-flip. Superkick by Dorado...Gallagher bounces off the ropes with a rebound headbutt! Both men are down!

Back on their feet, Gallagher goes for his corner dropkick...Dorado dodges and hits a handspring stunner! Both men trade strikes. Dorado puts Gallagher on the top...frankensteiner BUT GALLAGHER ROLLS THROUGH FOR A SUNSET PIN. GOT EM!

Jack Gallagher wins by pinfall

Drew Gulak and Jack Gallagher have a wild celebration Gulak screams in your face at the Lucha House Party.

Backstage, Dasha Fuentes says that Noam Dar and Tony Nese have been put in separate dressing room so the fight doesn't spill across the arena. Humberto Carrillo rolls up. Fuentes asks him about Gulak's recruiting efforts. Carrillo says that Lucha Libre is what got him here, and he'll continue to utilize it going forward.

Ariya Daivari cuts a promo. He wonders how many failures on 205 Live must he prop up. He says he didn't come to 205 to be anybody's "boy." "I'm gonna become the cruiserweight champion...and when I do...you're gonna put some respect on my checks," growls Daivari.

Commercial for NXT.

Mike & Maria Kanellis cut a promo. Mike yells that he's worked for 16 years to get to the WWE, and he didn't come here to be seen as a joke. Maria says that everytime Mike loses, they learn something. "We've never been afraid of the losses," claims Maria. "It's not a match that creates a legend...it's the match, and when that match comes...everyone will remember Mike Kanellis."

Noam Dar enters first for the no-disqualification matchup. Tony Nese is out second. While Nese is posing on the apron...Dar attacks him!

Noam Dar versus Tony Nese no-disqualification

Dar with a big running forearm and northern lights suplex in succession. Nese rolls to the outside but Dar is in quick pursuit. He grabs Nese by the hair and slams him into the barricade. He whips him into the steel steps next. Dar then grabs the steps and sets them up near the edge of the barricade. He atomic drops Nese onto the barricade, then runs off the steps with a flying lariat! Dar places Nese's fingers inside the turnbuckle and wrenches at his fingers. Nese finally mounts some offense by pulling Dar into the ringpost.

Nese grabs a chair from under the ring and nails Dar in the gut. He opens it up, drapes Dar across it...and lands his signature springboard moonsault! Nese thrusts the chair into Dar's chest. Powerslam from Nese with the chair placed behind Dar. Dar lands a few strikes, but Nese hits a kick to the injured gut to slow him down. Dar goes for a shin kick but Nese has it scouted. He bounces off the ropes and flies at Dar with a crossbody but Dar avoids it. Dragon-screw from Dar. Nese climbs to the middle-rope but Dar lands his shin kick and Nese hits the mat. Exploder suplex from Dar into the turnbuckle. Nese rolls to the ringside again.

Dar pulls out a bunch of chairs, a kendo stick, and to the crowds delight, a table. He goes to smash Nese with the chair but Nese with another spin kick. He charges Dar...back body drop onto the chairs! Both men are down. Dar recovers first and slides Nese back into the ring for a pinfall attempt. Nese kicks out. Dar uses the chair to hurt Nese's left leg. Dar locks in a single-leg crab. Nese grabs at Dar's pinky...he sets him up for a pumphandle-driver...and lands it on the chair! Dar just gets a shoulder up on the cover!

Dar in position for his finisher enziguri. Nese stalls and baits Dar in. They trade strikes in the center of the ring. Nese with a huge forearm that drops Dar to a knee. He goes for a big left but Dar pulls a chair in it's path and he hits it hard! Dar then locks in an armbar using the chair! Nese barely escapes, but turns it into a pin...Dar gets the shoulder up.

Dar sets up the table across the barricade and goes to whip Nese into it, but Nese reverses and tosses Dar into the other ring steps. He pulls them close to the table, then goes to suplex Dar into the table. Dar with a shin kick...Nese hits the steps! Dar climbs to the apron for a move, but Nese surprises him with an open-palm strike. Nese reaches to grab Dar...he locks in the armbar! Nese slams him on the steps but Dar doesn't break the hold. He power-lifts him up again...ONE ARM POWERBOMB THROUGH THE ANNOUNCER TABLE. Nese slides Dar back in the ring for a cover...Dar is out at two!

Nese attempts a kneebar but Dar rolls him up...Nese escapes. He goes for the running corner knee strike but Dar moves and Nese runs right into the turnbuckle. Dar with a double-stomp onto Nese's knee. Ankle-lock by Dar, he shifts into a kneebar! Nese grabs a chair and nails Dar to stop the submission. Nese tries to get feeling back in his leg...Dar approaches...Nese nails Dar in the knee with the chair! He ties his leg up in it and stomps it! Dar crawls near the time-keepers area...NESE WITH A RUNNING KNEE THAT TAKES THEM BOTH THROUGH THE BARRICADE. This is awesome chant breaks out. Nese carries Dar into the ring. Nese with a lateral press...it's over.

Tony Nese wins by pinfall

Commentary team takes us back to last week, when Akira Tozawa secured his spot as the #1 contender in the main event.

Backstage, Drake Maverick, Akira Tozawa, and champion Buddy Murphy stand around for a contract signing. Maverick commends both men's recent win streaks. Tozawa signs first. Murphy says before he signs, he wonders if Tozawa would like a selfie with the champion since this is as close as Tozawa will ever get to the title. He reminds Tozawa that he beat him already at the Royal Rumble, and nothing will stop his plan to become the greatest cruiserweight of all time. Murphy signs. Tozawa fires back. "You think you're unstoppable...so did the king of the cruiserweights...but I took his title."

That's the show friends.