WWE SmackDown LIVE superstar Jeff hardy recently spoke with The Five Count.

Being a part of the WWE roster on-and-off for 20-plus years, Hardy has faced almost the entire roster. One opponent that Hardy would like to face is current WWE Universal Champion, Brock Lesnar. Hardy, who faced Lesnar in 2002 when Lesnar debuted, talked about wanting a singles match with The Beast.

"I've pretty much wrestled everybody I've ever dreamt of wrestling, but before I'm done, I'd love to have a one-on-one match with Brock Lesnar," Hardy said. "One more time with him, cause he's a maniac, freak athlete that I would love to get in there with one more time before I'm done."

On the subject of dream matches, Hardy was asked who he would work with from the past and said that it would "for sure" have to be former WWE Champion, "The Eighth Wonder of the World" Andre the Giant.

Hardy, himself, is a former WWE Champion, multiple-time WWE Tag Team Champion, Intercontinental Champion and most recently, a United States Champion. Hardy believes that he has nothing left to accomplish in the WWE, or in professional wrestling as a whole, but has an entirely different goal.

"I've pretty much done everything I've ever wanted to do," Hardy said. "Before I'm dead, I would like to have one hit song on the radio before I'm gone, that's it."

Hardy recently teamed with his brother, the returning Matt Hardy, on SmackDown LIVE last Tuesday from Charlotte, NC in a winning effort against The Bar, comprised of Sheamus and Cesaro.