Earlier today, Carmella posed the question if she and R-Truth should be the hosts for WrestleMania, instead of Alexa Bliss. The two would engage in some banter on Twitter that would lead to R-Truth trying to clear up who will host. Truth said it would be himself and Carmella, and not "Alexis Bliss" who would handle the hosting duties this year.

"We need to get some clarification going on here," R-Truth said. "There seems to be this rumor going on that Alexis Bliss was hosting WrestleMania. Alexis is not hosting WrestleMania. Truth and Carmella will be hosting WrestleMania. Alexis hosting WrestleMania is totally fabricated, I don't know who started the rumor. ... That's what I got on my affidavit, it said 'R-Truth and Carmella will be hosting WrestleMania, yay for y'all.' I will say this, Alexis, if you come with a good, genuine, chipper attitude, and you coordinating your dress with us ... we'll find something for you to do with us."

Going back a bit, Bliss said she was the right pick as she "never needed a male sidekick." Carmella reminded Bliss of her previous connections, including Blake and Murphy.

Bliss acknowledge that point, but contrasted who she and Carmella have teamed up with in the past.

"My track record of people I've paired up with: a future Hall of Famer Mickie James, a now cruiserweight champion Buddy Murphy, & a monster Braun Strowman. You've paired with...whats their names again...#DanceAway."

Bliss then tweeted out a gif of Carmella's former associate, James Ellsworth.