Above is video of Jeff Hardy speaking with the Gorilla Position podcast during WrestleMania 35 Weekend in New York City. The interviewer mentioned talking to Ali about pressure he puts on himself to outperform himself each night and to kind of wow the crowd. Hardy was asked what kind of advice he gives the younger Superstars as a veteran, in terms of risks in the ring.

"Not really any at all," Hardy said. "Just keep doing what you're doing because watching him and 205 Live, and even recently, I think he did it to Daniel Bryan, he did a 450 on the apron and I said, 'Have you ever done that before?' And he said, 'Yeah, I did it one time on 205.' And I was just like, well how do you do that... it was just so insane, the stuff they do. It's like they keep raising the bar somehow. But yeah, they go all out. He's one of my favorite wrestlers right now. People ask me, 'Who's the next kind of Jeff Hardy?' He's by far, like, maybe... he's the first Mustafa Ali, but he's way better than I was in what he's doing. I never did anything that insane, he's incredible."

Hardy was also asked about the landscape of professional wrestling changing with All Elite Wrestling coming in, and if competition is a good thing for WWE. Hardy said he's excited to see AEW's Double Or Nothing event on May 25.

"For sure, yeah. I'm so excited," Hardy said of AEW. "We love The Young Bucks, man, and to see that Jericho's there. I mean, it's so exciting to see what that becomes. I can't wait to watch that first show and get a feel for what it looks like, how it's gonna be, the longevity it might consist of. So, yeah, it's always exciting for a new company to come through and see what happens."

Jeff said anything is possible when it comes to a possible AEW appearance for The Hardy Boys when he's no longer under contract to WWE.

"We'll see, man, we'll see. No time soon, for sure. I'm here for a while, but yeah, I mean, moving forward anything's possible, so we'll see," he said when asked about appearing for AEW in the future.