Joey Ryan was among a number of wrestlers who was signed to Lucha Underground amid the uncertainty of the promotion's future. He finally broke free from his Lucha contract last month and is now free to sign with anywhere else.

Ryan talked about his Lucha experience on an Impact Wrestling media call where our Nick Hausman asked him about breaking away from his Lucha contract.

"I feel like for me to be completely free of any contracts and open to negotiate with anybody, there's now no Lucha Underground step that anybody has to take to get me," said Ryan. "They can come directly to me and I can negotiate with anybody. There's no restriction.

"Not only does it open more options for me to go to, but the places I do want to go to now maybe have to dig a little deeper in their pocketbooks because I can literally show up to anywhere at any time."

There have been many horror stories from other wrestlers regarding their Lucha Underground experiences and Ivelisse Velez even said she was legally "being held hostage" by her Lucha contract.

Ryan didn't go to that extreme when describing his time with the promotion and even said he enjoyed working there, when there was work to go around.

"I loved the product and loved the crew and the producers and writers. I would work there forever, if there was work. The problem is that there is not work," revealed Ryan.

He talked about the long breaks between seasons and being locked into contracts when there was uncertainty on if there would even be another season.

"There's really no point to being locked into it when it doesn't even look like anyone's working on season five and I don't know if season five will even happen," admitted Ryan.

Ryan was with Lucha Underground for three seasons and is appreciative of them giving him creative opportunities that he couldn't get in other places.

"I don't regret it and it gave me some fun segments like the undercover police thing and different kinds of creative juices were flowing for me," said Ryan. "I got a lot out of it and I loved the product, crew and cast. If there was work I would stay there forever."