Magnum TA spoke with Chuck Carroll of CBS Baltimore to help promote tonight's NWA Crockett Cup event in Concord, North Carolina. Be sure to join our complete live coverage beginning at 7 pm ET! In the interview Magnum spoke about the Crockett Cup being resurrected after 31 years, and which modern star would have succeeded in the old days for NWA.

This year's Crockett Cup will feature eight-teams in a single elimination tournament: The Briscoes, The Rock 'n' Roll Express, Villain Enterprises (PCO & Brody King), Satoshi Kojima and Yugi Nagata, Flip Gordon and Bandido, Guerrero Maya Jr. and Stuka Jr., The War Kings (Crimson and Jax Dane), and the winner of the Wild Card Tag Team Battle Royal.

Magnum spoke about the tournament returning and NWA being able to make a name for itself outside of competing with WWE.

"I remember when I first heard that they were trying to revive all of this," Magnum said. "I was very skeptical, because I thought somebody's going to try to do it in such a way that there's just no way they're going to be able to duplicate it. But I think they actually have a healthy approach to what they're doing, and they're not trying to relive or revamp what was so strong and powerful 30 years ago.

"They're taking a different approach with it and still featuring the World's Heavyweight Championship, which was so prestigious back in the day. They're honoring the tradition. They're not doing anything to lessen what once was, and I don't think they have any aspirations of trying to compete on a world level with the WWE. But there's certainly a place for it in the history of the business of wrestling. The NWA should be out there."

The Former NWA United States Heavyweight Champion was also asked about which modern wrestler would have done well back in Jim Crockett Productions' golden days. Magnum felt like Seth Rollins has all the tools to be a success back in the 80s.

"My favorite all around guy that's out there in the product today is Seth Rollins," Magnum responded. "He can talk for two minutes, five minutes, 10 minutes, whatever it needs and be in character and tell a story and has amazing athleticism and the ability to go out there and go for 10 minutes or 30 minutes or an hour. I think he would have been incredible back in the day. I would have loved to have been able to work with him."